excuse me

 that a ballet slipper
 your head

it is

its one of the photos
 jr's nyc ballet series 

i was
 as you may recall
 over at lincoln center 
taking photos
 of the exterior paste ups 
since the interior is not open to the public til february
 at the entrance to the subway
 those two people
 waiting on someone else 
who knows
 i took a photo
for some reason never appeared in my camera
 i didn't know that at the time
 i took the second shot 
when they turned
 to see
 i was taking


  1. What an interesting shot.... I wouldn't have guessed it was a ballet slipper!

  2. Mr O and I are making plans to get to the city next week to see this! Too late to get tickets for the ballet but we plan to go to the public viewing hours:)

  3. bwahahahah! I seriously thought it was a horse!!

  4. What a great capture. Gulliver's Travel's-like ;-).
    Thanks for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.

  5. i like this. looks like they are going to be kicked into next week in a split second. hahahaha


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