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what a lot of snow we got 
i trekked into the office
 there was a meeting
 a huge meeting
 it didn't get cancelled

 i left the house a little later than usual
 the sidewalks were not shoveled
 the streets had been plowed
 it wasn't easy going

 may be very warm and cozy
 there's no traction
snow boots

 lesson learned

 they were
 not actually
 the cause 
 the slide
 i took
 at the entrance to the 79 street subway
bill deblasio
 was due
 no one 

to be even more clear 
when i got home
6 hours later
 i got off at 72 street
 where the stairs are indoors
  walked home 
 i passed the 79 street subway stairs 
i looked
 people were walking
 where others
 had worn a path

 my tush is still sore  
we have a friend
 who lends us
 the screener dvds
 he gets
 he has a family member who is an official academy award voter 
we've been seeing a lot of films

 we dont go to the movies 
 is not a fan of sitting among people who talk during films
 its easier and cheaper to fall asleep at home during a film
 as he did with wolverine
 an action movie 
 he fell asleep

 he did make it through
 inside llewyn davis
 there's been a lot of talk
 not all of it good
about this movie
 i personally liked it a lot
 if i tell you
 its the coen brothers version of ulysses
that will likely put you off 
 its sort of true
 just as
 blue jasmine
woody allen's take on streetcar named desire

 i have seen streetcar and didn't love it 
i had not read ulysses but i did like this 'version'

 i was a little too young 
to be involved in the folk music scene 
but i do remember it 

 it was a good movie 

we've also seen
 which made me very nervous 
even tho i knew how it ended
 i admit i read the recap at rotten tomatoes 
american hustle
 was great
 the book thief
 made me cry
 august: osage county
 was good
 its a tough film to sit through
 i dont think i could have sat through the play

 we've also seen
enough said 

liked them all

we've got
captain phillips
dallas buyers club
saving mr banks


 you came for the dog photo
 here it is

took this photo
back in september
 the vet's waiting room


  1. A little meet and greet in the vet's office...cute!

    Very cool that you get to screen all those movies! I look forward to your review of Saving Mr. Banks. I'm curious about that one and I know it won't play in our little local theater.

    Wow! to the snow! Love my Uggs, but you're right, there is no traction with them at all! Hope your tush is okay! Stay warm!

  2. Whoa! What I would give to have a neighbor like that!! We go to the movies every week. It is something I truly look forward to. I absolutely LOVE it as in most cases, Ben and I are the only ones in the theatre! It is a private showing most of the time. It is crowded if there is another couple there...:)

    We are lucky to have a small neighborhood theatre not far from us ... with not the best of seats ... but we enjoy seeing them on the big screen. I am really looking forward to several of those that you mention. I really wanted to see Osage with Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep and the last one James Gandolfino did. I sure hope you didn't hurt yourself falling down like that!! I just got my Uggs for Christmas and appreciate the warning about the No Traction!! Hopefully they will have shoveled before you have to go back that way! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday of Beautification!! xo

  3. We saw the HBO special "inside inside llewyn davis" and loved it. I cannot wait to see this movie -- loosely based on Van Ronk's first week in NYC (I believe I'm right on that). Can't wait to see the movie.

    And yes, Uggs are *not* snow boots -- and as I said on IG --yikes!!!!! But glad you're ok, except for soreness

  4. love the doggies and how polite of them to sniff faces and not butts for their photo op

    please be careful out there, it's going to melt/freeze for days

    love how you get to see all those movies

  5. Love the doggy shot Daryl but j'adore the street image, magical! Sorry about the fall, it really shakes you up oui! Goodness you watched a lot of movies, the only one on that list I've seen is Philomena, was good...Judy Dench, what's not to like :)

  6. I love the street photo with the snow. I love my Sorel's too and always wear them when it snows.

  7. Hope you have a pair of real snow boots you can wear today. Xox

  8. Gosh you have seen a ton of movies. I love to go to the theater but I hate it when someone answers a cell phone and talks LOUD! Happened the last time we went and another guy nearly went to fist city with the idiot. Scary and I don't like it. I LOVE that first picture. It really looks like a watercolor painting. Beautiful...even though I HATE snow!

  9. +love+ the street photo!

    And since I'm new to your blog.. are either of these dogs yours? Or were you bringing the cat.

    I just saw Wolverine last night and loved it.. but mainly because I love me some HJ and that's all there is to say about that.

    I am looking forward to the Julia Roberts movie.. it looks very gritty and I love both actresses.

  10. Daryl, we are like you guys! We enjoy our movies at home too! We have a source too!
    We rarely go to the theatre! Will likely go this coming week. Want to see the new Hobbit on the big screen. There's a new theatre down the road from us and we are going to check that out!

  11. The shaggy dog looks like our Abby.

    I loved Gravity and American Hustle. I could watch a movie a day if it were up to me.

  12. oh ouch! sorry about the tumble you took! what fun with all the movies though. you have several there i'd like to see and have not yet had the chance.

  13. Winter (fall on the ice) Tush!

    You poor baby! Stay safe


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