all fall down

 a very cold
 dry day
 no snow
 no ice
 clear streets

 i walked to the subway
 started down the stairs
 hand on the rail
 midway down 
my foot
 hit something 
caught on something
 i felt myself begin to fall
 i grabbed
 the handrail 
my knees
 my left foot
 my arm
 my body
landing on my knees 
sort of

 my whole being 
was tingling 
i felt so strange 
my feet
 they were vibrating
 the shin of my right leg
 my left ankle
so badly 
i can't describe it

 i got to my feet
 so stupid 
instead of sitting down
 i walked 
 not steadily
 through the turnstile
 down the platform

 little by little
 my feet 
to come back to themselves
 the vibrating eased

 the train pulled in
 i got on
i sat down 

i debated
 whether to stay sitting
 on the local
change to the express 

i didn't want to give in
 i got off at 72nd
 waited for the express

 taking note of the scuff marks on the boots
 my leggings seemed unmarked 
no tears
 my shin 
was throbbing
 the big toe
my right foot
 felt weird
 when i got to the office
 i went to the bathroom
  pulled up my pants leg
 oh boy 
what a mess

 my right shin was scrapped raw
 a gash 
about 2-3 inches long
 i sprayed it with bactine
 wiped it off 
 the first aid kit
 to find the towelettes were dried up
 the antibiotic ointment
 was still viable
 so were the bandaids

 after i patched myself up
 i went to my desk
 went online 
bought a new first aid kit

 wednesday morning
 my body
 by the end of the day
 my left ankle
 aching badly
 my back
 to start spasming

 i am seeing my masseuse on saturday
 treating myself to a massage 
do i ever need one

 so how's your week been so far?

these are not the stairs fell down
ts not signed