where did sunday go?

very late
saturday night
 i was in bed
 under the layers
 we sleep under
 'i insist'
 we keep the window open a teensy tiny bit
 i realized
 i had not done a post for sunday

 i had set up my eyes post 
 i had forgotten all about this blog 
mercy me 

i think
 it was
 i had come home 
a truly fun brunch
 my darling friend larry

his new beau clint


friends of larry 

  we met at fushawest
 they have the best asian menu
 you can get everything
 beef with broccoli
 spicy tuna 'taco' 
pad thai 

all of it delish

a lovely malbec

we all ate well
laughed a lot 
took photos 
 really had a lovely afternoon

 i got home
went to work on a bulb book
 for a friend's upcoming birthday
 lost all track of time
  clearly forgot to write a post
 i planned
telling you
 all about 
my thursday dinner 
 my cincinnati pal phillippppe
 we also had asian food
 we dined at spice on amsterdam
 salads and way too many appetizers
by a walk over to irving farms for dessert
back to the apartment 
for a glass of wine and gossip 
yes mary
 we gossiped about 

i feel so much better
all that out

i beautified™

 home to

now that i have blathered
 tell me
what did
you do
 this weekend?


  1. New hair person, Luciano! Belisima!

    Sunday: brunch at yacht club with pals

    One pal called me with tix to Bella Fleck with Honolulu Pops; couldn't go, hooked him up with another pal DELIGHTED to go.

    Masters of Sex rocked tonight

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  2. Sounds like a delicious weekend. I froze to death walking the dog on Saturday, much farther than I should have, picking my way around patches of ice, anticipating the cracking of my bones. Sunday was better; lazed, fixed up next-to-last-set of India photos, watched two episodes of the last season of Breaking Bad (second half) that was finally available here on dvd....

  3. Sounds like great fun and everyone looks so happy! We had dinner at our friend on Friday evening then had dinner out at a restaurant on Saturday evening for our Wedding Anniversary. Lovely weekend. x

  4. I know it involves way too much food and drink, but I love the holidays and getting together with friends. We went to a festive brunch and then I went to a cookie exchange. And then, of course, we had to taste test the cookies!

  5. You have the most delicious tales to tell after a weekend of dining. I spent too much time indoors because it's COLD here! Our dogs were beautified on Saturday but I'm afraid I wasn't so concerned with looking good, as much as I was concerned with staying warm.

  6. What a packed and full of fun weekend!

    Around here?? Baking and decorating Christmas trees. As always, I enjoyed every moment, but it is exhausting too! :-)

  7. Daryl, sounds like you had a great weekend!
    We had the grandkids for a sleepover. Always lots of fun when they are around!

  8. baby shower for my niece up in york, pa and drove home sunday during a freak snow storm.

  9. Froze my tushy off! Got snow early Saturday morning. Had to work Saturday, made hubby drive me the 30 miles in! Woke up Sunday to -15 temps and woke up this morning to -26 degrees! I didn't go to work today, everything was frozen!

    Your weekend sounded fun! =)

  10. Your weekend was MUCH more fun than mine! Mine was filled with shopping, decorating, cleaning...just basic crap! We do not spend very much time outside...WAY tooo cold!!

  11. It is now Friday and I have already forgotten what I did last weekend! I am sure it involved food because that is how we roll:)


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