where are we, australia?

 its winter 
whats with the summer temps

 even i succumbed
 only wore a leather jacket with a silk scarf
 no wool
no gloves

 went wild
 with my nails 
this week
  this new stuff from incoco
 its a professional 
you can't buy
you have to go have it done

 its dry nail polish
 that gets pressed on
  lasts up to 2 weeks
 then it removes with a swipe of polish remover
 if you want it 
head over to polished beauty bar 
tell susan daryl sent you 

got my hair done
 i hope it lasts til wednesday
 when we have dinner with friends
 tho the terrific new stylist i use
 told me to come by wednesday
 before we go to dinner
he'll freshen it up
 no charge 

he's really good

 an israeli 
whose name is tuti 

go to blondi's on amsterdam
 tell him i sent you 
 he'll give you 20% 
off honest

friends are coming to town after christmas
 i am looking forward to that
 i am taking this week off 
tho i am going in for a short time 
(as i am writing this sunday)

 all the gift shopping is done 
at last

what else?

  i got nuttin' 

whats up with you?