what a weekend

it started on thursday
my friend janice
her two fabulous young adult/children, sam and maria, arrived
 from virginia

 they checked into riverside tower
then hit the pavement running
 did a lot of sightseeing
 guided by sam 
who'd been here before 
knew his way
 the subway
  the city

 i met them for dinner
fusha west 
where we had a catch up 
with a lot of excellent food 

friday morning
 kate arrived
 from maryland 
she was joining the others at nbc studios for a tour
 i was meeting them at the tree
along with half the human population

after photo ops
we went to lunch
 at a small
indian restaurant
 after which
 the virginia contingent
 headed off 
chinatown and little italy

 kate and i 
went back uptown
 joining toonman
 we watch

 the other night toonman and i watched american hustle
 both movies
 were really
is not a movie
 where you can relax
 its tense

after they came back from chinatown/little italy 
we headed
 to a 'true' nyc deli
 it was a lot of fun
to a 

 maria and kate 
 matzoh ball soup
 as well 

 do you sense 
a food eating theme

 i have now managed to gain a full 10 lbs
 since thanksgiving 
i really am thankful for leggings and spandex

after dinner 
we had 
janice pose in front of zabars
to say 
she loves this place
 is a gross

janice brought kate and me crab earrings
 a virginia
especially mathews virgina theme 
we've kept alive 
(along with the cornfield joke)
since the first blogfest in 2010 
where we all got to know one another
while kate and i took photos of one another's earrings
 toonman video taped us

after dinner 
sam and maria took for times square 
us old folks 
went back to my place 
had some wine 
relived the day
 before everyone
 their respective beds

the virginians headed off to explore talk of going to brooklyn was heard
kate & i planned on brunch
walk in riverside park
to meet at the high line in late afternoon
a farewell dinner
spice market

dinner was fabulous
i am still stuffed
we shared lots of wonderful food
if i dont eat again for a month
really it will be fine