what a day

i hope santa
brought you
 all the things you wished for 
maybe a few surprises too

 i got what i wanted wished for

 a new iPad mini
 enough memory
 to watch downton abbey season 4
still be able to
 trounce and be trounced at both scrabble and words with friends
 read an ibook 
 keep photos to show off 

i am happy

 a new sound eliminating set of bose headphones
 from jack and harry
 an added bonus
 this pad thingie it was packed with 
works as a mouse pad!

 i got him a charm a replacement for something he lost many years ago
 i was hoping for a bigger reaction
 you know it is what it is
 mostly for him
 christmas gifting borders on bah humbug
 i just need to remember that

 pissed me off 
big time
 i ordered and paid for expedited delivery
 of a gift
 it was due to be delivered by 8 pm on the 24th
 it never showed

 after waiting on terminal hold for over 10 min at 9:15
 i spoke to someone 
at fedex
who barely spoke unstandable english
 i do not care if this is not a pc statement 
so there 
he checked the routing # 
told me
 it had not been delivered
 ya think
 he said he could give me the # of the office
 it is at
 but they're closed
 ya think
 he also told me 
i could ask the sender for a refund 
i said
 i would like to have it delivered
 he said
 they'd deliver it on thursday
 ya think
 i am resourceful 
i stole an image of the gift
 off the web 
printed it out and gave it to the recipient as an you

there was a lot of wonderful food and drink
at our friends house

a lot of fun was had
our joseph spent 4 hours
assembling a lego barbie luxury yacht
for our friends' granddaughter

i hope you had a lovely Christmas