some of this, some of that

 i didn't see anyone in shorts
 i did see a lot of people without coats
 trust me
 it was not that warm
 while the temps were in the 60s

 the sun was not strong 
it was chilly
 i wore my peacoat and a scarf 

my massage was fabulous
 as always

 i have arthritis in my shoulder/neck
  my neck the left side has been achy
 it got extra work
 sooooo good
 by the end of the hour
 i am limp spaghetti

of course
 i took photos of Lisa Perry's store windows

bussed it back to the westside

 did some errands

due to my sieve of a brain 
after i got home
 i had to go out a second time
 to get/to do 
 i had forgotten
 the first

 i went out a third time
with toonman
he took me to the apple store
no better way to say i love you than with electronics

 i finished two good books recently: 
the thinking woman's guide to real magic by emily croy barker
 a really enjoyable read
 a woman wishes her life was anything other than what it is
she gets her wish

 i highly recommend it

almost true confessions
 by jane o'connor 
who also wrote 
dangerous admissions
 the heroine of both books
 is an unemployed book editor
 a knack for getting involved in murder 
she eats pb&js all the time
 i got so hungry 
i had to have one

when was the last time you had a pb&j?