nap time - take 2

 i need

 multi task

 i posted
in error
 'my eyes'
 i was so busy setting my our holiday card to print
 i guess i just opened the wrong link


there's a street vendor 
on the corner
 81st street and broadway
 he's there
 all year round
 he sells
 scarves hats occasionally purses 

this day
 he was accompanied
 by his friend
 an older guy from the looks of him
 i didn't stop
 i paused
 kept walking
 i am not fond of the vendor
 i didn't ask his friend's name 

i learned
 not window boxes
 stone planters
 thank you liisa 

i know you will all be happy
 to hear 
a photo
this year's card
been chosen

 it was last year's runner up
 a photo we both like
i need to get it printed stuff mailed
 thats the plan for this weekend
its going to be snowing and cold

of course
 the snow and cold
 won't keep me from
 beautifying or running errands

 stay warm 
stay dry!


  1. looks like a good old guy
    probably a better person than his human
    stay warm and dry

  2. I don't see how you keep your two blogs straight. I'm a one blog kind of guy.

  3. it's hard Not to multi task!
    & this guy is a beauty.

  4. It snowed here much later than it was snowing there and it's since turned to rain. We still have a layer of snow on the ground from earlier this week so it was pretty today.

    That's a cool stone planter.

  5. A very sleepy old fella!

    And I'm forever messing things up when I try to multi-task!


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