is the grandson 
of a dog
 named logan

 was owned by a woman
 (and her husband and daughter)
 who lives nearby 

i used to see the woman, helen, walking logan
almost every day
 now helen's daughter 
is in college 
 carter is the new 'baby'

 passed a number of years ago
 he lived a long and well loved life

  carter is an imp

 he is learning his commands 
helen got him to sit and pose pretty for me
 i got to give him a treat

  i usually try to get down on the dog's eye level
 so i can get a good face shot
 every time
 i tried
 carter jumped on me
you'll have to settle for these
 (no they aren't signed i was too lazy)


  1. Fine Fellow! (Nice happy shot)
    And what a classy name; reminds me of something familiar I can't quite put my finger on.

    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. He really is CUTE though!! He just needs to learn a few manners...and that will take time! Great pics! xo

  3. He is handsome-- and command of "sit" seems to be going well !!!

  4. He is handsome-- and command of "sit" seems to be going well !!!

  5. Awww he looks like such a happy, friendly boy.

  6. Carter is completely adorable, and looks like he's just been Darylized!

  7. I love that you describe him as an imp
    seem to suit him well

  8. Adorable pup! I've often wondered what it's like to have a dog, especially one of good size, in the city. I grew up on Staten Island, so of course we had our patch of grass right outside the front door. I love when I visit NYC and see so many well cared for dogs enjoying city life.

  9. Oh he's just adorable. I do believe he is smiling.


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