what happens in grand jury

like vegas
what happens
 grand jury
 grand jury

 its a secret proceeding

 i doubt
 the videos
we had to watch the first day
 are very secret
  the first
 a history of the jury system
 narrated by ed bradley
 a man
 who died in 2006

 we are 
23 people 
who were strangers
 less than a week ago
 is also
 not really 
that could be considered a secret

 any group
 who spends a lot of time together
 ends up 
not being strangers

 i will share nothing more
 than to say
 its a very interesting experience

 no secret
is that i am
 in the morning session

  i can
 i have taken
 on my way
 this past week 

its no secret
i love
 this part 
the city
 i rarely get down there 


  1. Mostly boring? with a small mix of interesting thrown in?
    Love the photos, the b&w gives a formal look to the buildings

  2. I'm so proud of you simultaneously fulfilling your civic and journalistic duties.

  3. Well at least you're getting to take some photos on your way to court! I'm hoping to book our trip for next year to New York today, I'll keep you posted. x

  4. Ugh, jury duty, been there, done that...oh, wait, met Arnold Swartzen...etc...I can never spell his last name. Yes, it's true, he was filming a movie at the courthouse that time and we had lunch with him and the film crew in the courthouse caf. (This is Hollywood North after all) By the way, I hear that it stays in Vegas unless you're Prince Harry. But then if you spill you get barred from Vegas for life! And who wants to be barred from jury duty for life. ;)

  5. Does it get more iconic than the NYC courthouse? Beautiful shots!

  6. Daryl, I don't wish you the duty, but the scenery is wonderful!

  7. Love these black and whites, Daryl!
    I am glad to hear that your jury duty is interesting. xo.

  8. Oh, I love these images, Daryl. They are so good!

  9. The mere mention of jury duty makes my flesh crawl. I believe you may remember my two weeks (almost) service on a jury. If I never have to do that again, I will be immeasurably happier than if I get stuck with it once more.

    (In case you don't remember, and you'd like a couple hours of reading material - I'm not kidding - go to http://jimsuldog.blogspot.com/2008/11/8-days-in-seat-10.html

  10. i would not love jury duty but i do love the drama of the black and white you chose for these shots.


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