post thanksgiving blather

i was
 i didn't 
 the end of an era 

sitting on the shelf
of our front windows
 a fire bucket
  i stole 
 from the garage
 my parent's home
 up in the bronx
a lifetime ago

 it contained
 thursday morning
 a plant
 a philodendron
 i had
 for more years
 i can recall

 i know
 i had it
our studio apartment
 it moved
 down here
 our one bedroom
 the move 

we had
 a lot of sunlight

 down here
 there's not much direct sun
 i guess
 i could grow mushrooms
 i digress
 the plant
 had been surviving
  benign neglect

 i opened the shutters
we have our shutters
 the window
 in place of curtains

  don't ask

 the little begonia plants
 i bought 
for $1 each
we kept
 in the window box 

 they'd survived
 a lot
 last frost
 killed them 
of course
 i had to open the window
 bring in their dead bodies
toss them 
 a plastic garbage bag
toss them out 

i looked
the fire bucket
 was the time 
 the dying plant
 as soon as
 i got back inside
 i thought
why didn't i take photos

 oh well

 i do have a photo
one of the leaves
 that blew in
 while the window was open
 i removed the begonia bodies

 it didn't land
 on my keyboard
 i put it there

 i write this
 i am still in my pjs 
the dog show is on the tv
 toonman is on the phone with his daughter 
who lives in little rock

 we will straighten up the apartment 
figure out 
the timing
 the reheating 
the prepared 
thanksgiving hanukkah 
 my sister
 will be here at 3

 (today as you read this)
 i am spending time with my friend's daughter laura
we're going shopping
 after we have breakfast 

later in the day
 i am meeting my friend mary for lunch
 on saturday
 i am meeting
 my friend lauren and her fabulous twins
 the plaza hotel

 i will be so stuffed by then 
i will likely need
 to fast
 on sunday

i do promise photos 
lots of blather

 i hope you all
family time 
 your thanksgiving

 i am sure we did too

yeah thats dust on the keyboard cover


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! Enjoy Daryl!

  2. Food fest, I see, and it all sounds yummy. I like the photo, even with the dust. Amazing how dust pops out in a photo, like errors on a previously-checked document you've just photocopied.

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of eating left to do. We were going to take my MIL out to dinner but we are going to work on the leftovers I think instead.

  4. Very nice. Hope your weekend is wonderful, D. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. enjoy all your weekend doings!!
    love the photo
    and I don't see dust, I see artistic blue

  6. I think it all sounds like a well planned and lovely weekend. I hope your Thanksgiving/Hanukkah dinner was delicious and thanks for sharing a little time with us :-)
    Dust? No red wine stains?

  7. Goodness that struck me as so sad. :( Probably because I have this Hawaiian Schaflera which is my "that plant that will not die". I actually wrote a Sunday whirl about But on the other hand it sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time with friends this social butterfly, you. :)

  8. had a good visit, good food and a good nites sleep. No photo ops presented themselves on the holiday.
    That's my story and I am sticking to it.

  9. I love this photograph, dust and all! :-)
    The holidays are meant for a bit of indulgence, so by all means, enjoy!!!
    Plenty of time to diet it off before spring!! xo.

  10. you are fun to hang with. GOBBLETOV! LOL
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  11. Food, glorious food! Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah! I did a brunch on Thanksgiving for my son and his family and by brother. After everyone left I did my Christmas decorating so I can enjoy it through the month. I'm doing the bird tomorrow and will get some to my mom at the home since what they served looked like a hockey puck made out of turkey...ugh! Enjoy this wonderful weekend you have lined up!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah! I had the most 'interesting' Thanksgiving spending it at my son's new home with his mother and grandmother and his mother's boyfriend. Quite a cozy get-together that I hope not to have to repeat anytime soon:) Yes, that reads correctly, my husband, his first wife, first mil, and more.
    Have fun with your friends and relatives shopping and eating!!

  13. Sounds like you have a very busy weekend ahead....Enjoy!

    I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving but for some reason that I cannot fathom right now I bought a turkey to cook although we went out for Thanksgiving now I am in the midst of cooking turkey and hoping I have enough friends around to help us eat it!.....all because I wanted to have some leftovers:)

  14. I trust you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I'm still stuffed - great idea to fast tomorrow!!


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