dogs of galena

 these two
 a shop
 back in october

 one, the darker of the two, 
belonged to a woman
 the other to a man

 the owners knew one another
 they'd stopped to chat
 i spotted them

 i wish
 i could
 the dogs names

 the darker one
 when the woman stepped
 into the store
 he began to cry
 like a baby

 he didn't like her
 out of his sight
she had to keep walking
 to the door
talking to him
 to keep his cries

  reminded me
 pre dinner time
 he cries
 for at least 30 minutes
 every evening

 i have been known
 his vocal chords 


  1. You wouldn't expect big tough huntin' dogs to be such mama's boys, but they can be.
    And big fat golden retrievers can be such daddy's girls, too, don't I know?
    Always love to see the dogs you meet, Daryl.

  2. Gosh those are beautiful German pointers. That's the one type of dog R and I think about eventually being settled enough to own. But wow, I never thought they could be city dogs because the (very few) I know chase and run the legs off of anything around. One girl hikes her GP up a challenging hike I go on and that dog easily runs three lengths of that hike running ahead and back to her and ahead and back to her...etc. But these two look healthy and trim and so the owners must somehow be managing. maybe the owners run.

  3. they're both beautiful
    the lighter one has incredible eyes

  4. Oh, and I know as well as Harry does that your threats are meaningless. :)


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