windy city

i headed over to the eastside 
late saturday morning
my yearly mammogram

 i am always afraid 
i am going to be late 
i leave a lot of time
for travel

you never know
 there's going to be
 a traffic snafu 
a parade 
a protest march
 a simple street closing
 for a festival/fair

there were none of the above
 i was 30 minutes early
 with a stop 
at eli zabars on third avenue
 to get
 a sandwich
 a bottle of water 
 i also stopped at starbucks on third and 83
a grande
 non fat
 pumpkin latte
 hold the whipped creme
 adding whipped creme
 the non fat 

 i was still 30 minutes early

 there was no one waiting
 as soon as i filled out the release form
 i was in 
 my breasts
 painfully squished
 there's a sign in the dressing room
 that says
 the tighter we squish
 the better we can see 
if there's a potential problem

 squish away
 i say

 next up
a sonogram
 my breasts 
are dense like my bones
 the technician pressed that paddle thingie so hard
 it hurt 
i peeked 
i always peek
 my dense breasts 
look like
 a very rough ocean
 like the perfect storm 

when i was done
 i walked uptown
 to a shop i like
 did a little shopping

 i walked down to 79th
 to catch the crosstown
 back to my side of the city
got off at
 walked down
 got my hair 
washed/blown dry

back up to 80th and broadway
for some errands 

 it was very windy 
you tell by the clouds
 the title
 is more significant
 i fly to
visit a dear friend
 i havent seen in a while

 i am so looking forward to a fun girls week
 i promise
 to take lots of photos
 i wont be posting 
 i am gone
 not even over 
through my eyes
 i will remind you
 before i go
 just like a do for toonman
i had a trip planned 
til i said 
he didnt have to come up with a toon for a whole week!