weekend blather

 i told
 you all about
 the banksy

 after that
 it all pretty much pales
 i did have a full weekend
 a sore throat
made me sound
 at times
 like a frog had taken up residence

  after my most wonderful massage
 i met my sister
 as i told you
 we walked down amsterdam to 73rd
 checked the brunch menus
two newish places 

 we both order the eggs florentine

a variation on eggs benedict
 the english muffins
 were barely toasted
 the home fries 
were cold
 the coffee
 was excellent
 they served 
hot steamed milk on the side 
in a coffee cup
 no spoon was offered
 it was nearly impossible
 to pour the milk
 into the coffee
 without spilling

 when we asked for a spoon
 we pointed out 
the cold potatoes
 to the manager's credit 
he immediately offered us replacements 
we were half way through
 so we declined
 thanking him

 a short time later
 he brought us a hot platter of potatoes
 we taste them

 they were great
 by then
 we were full
 he also only charged us
 for one brunch 
we thanked him 
we'd be back
 we will

 it was quite busy 
i suspect the kitchen was overwhelmed.

we walked uptown
 i had to stop at irving farms
 to get toonman's decaf coffee
 i buy a pound of beans every week or so
 they grind them for our coffeemaker

we walked over to the new place
 i am liking for take out
 birdbath bakery
 a division of city bakery

 the pumpkin veggie burger is amazing 
the kale salad with hazel nuts has a very light dressing 
 the sweet potatoes with pineapple is not sweet its perfectly slightly tart

the coffee
 does not 
 to irving farms 
 the pastry
the baker's muffin
 the vegan bran muffin
 far superior
 the balthazar baked goods 

i got some photos
 i was on the eastside
 my favorite 
boutique windows
lisa perry
 featured fun sweaters

on madison
 a sales associate
 for the manager to arrive 
with the keys

i got
 a fabulous color block draped hooded coat 
vince online 
on sale
 for 25% off

 this week
 my mani/pedi is
 essie's wicked

in honor