toonsday video - patsy and mickey in gall


  1. Fun!!! And Harry is such a good actor. :)))

  2. I am so in love with these characters.

    "I was in hospital from mid-December to April."

    "I don't recall that."

    "I don't like to make a fuss."

    Still laughing. God bless you, guys. You, too, Harry :-)

  3. They are always such a hoot. And that line that Suldog quoted cracked me up too. Such a Jewish mother thing to say. ;)

    Beautiful Harry.. smooch!

  4. This is wonderful, guys!!!
    And I do love that little Pumpkin Puss.
    Thank you for the smiles! :-)

  5. Edifice Complex!! Hee Hee:)

    Loved the show and that cute Harry

  6. Edifice Complex got me too...Harry is a charmer, did Jack not audition?

  7. Edifice complex ... senior extreme badminton ... "Where's my gall gonna go?" Man, I loved this one. I'm still smiling.


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