this that and photos of people taking photos

i guess
 be spreading
 my beautification™
 over two days
 the long standing one

 the stylist
 who works saturdays
 is far better
 the one who works sundays
 at the new hair salon
 new to me
 but not new to the hood

 even this saturday
 with the humidity soaring
 a trek down to lincoln center 
a stop at apple
 then back up to zabars
 before heading home 
the blow dry looked better 
to the salon then home
 i got last sunday
 which over all was a nicer day

did that track?

 after all that walking
 my shoe
 began to rub a toe
 as i got to the top of our block
by the time
 i got into the apartment 
took off the shoe
 i had
a huge
 open sore

a blister
i didnt feel
 til it burst


 good thing its warm enough for sandals 

after buying apples at the green market
located in lincoln square
 its moved 2 blocks south
 due to some construction
 i found myself
 lincoln center

outdoor art 
was on exhibit 
there was also a crafts fair i didnt check out
i was on a mission
 i did
 some fun photos
 other people taking photos
aaron curry's 
melt to the earth 

that little girl
 was not happy
 that i took a photo
her mom taking her photo 
the mom told her it was okay
 to say thank you
she didn't

  that guy
 was trying very hard
 to capture each piece
anyone in the frame
 i think he must have a lot of patience 

then i headed up to apple
i noticed this odd date
on the screen
i was closing the open apps the other day

i asked
 two apple helpers
 if they had ever seen it before

they hadnt
 one of them asked a female co-worker 
to take a look
 she was fascinated
 she checked
 all my settings
 we chatted
 about how never to use Gmail as the default for the calendar 
they add ads and spy
 she decided
 an apple genius
 should look at it
 she didnt want me to wait in/on line

 can i take this for a minute
 she asked

 i said

 she said
 my name's barb

i said
 mine's daryl

 be right back 
she said

 a few minutes later 
she's back

she said
 two of the geniuses said its a known glitch
 that happened to the iOS 7 beta testers 

 i said
 i wasn't a beta tester 

she said
 thats weird
 but the fix is simple 
you just reset it back to original settings
 restore from your latest icloud back up 

 i said
thank you so much i really appreciate it

 did i
restore it?
i dont mind it being there
 i am a wee bit leery
 the restore from icloud
 i will likely do a back up to itunes 
 do the restore

 i know
 i feel safer that way


  1. I love taking pics of other people taking pics. I am perfectly happy with my free generic android phone synched to outlook.

  2. Nothing silly about feeling safe, Dar! Nice shots today.

    BTW: Todays new polish is ESSIE Aruba Blue. Deep, bright, BLUE wonderful!!!!!!!!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  3. I love sneaking photos of people taking photos. I have a very simple cell that I don't do much else with (though I can) except take the occasional photo, text, and talk. As Thoreau said, 'Simplify, simplify.' (I always wonder why he said it TWICE! ;) )

  4. Ooo, ouch! C has some serious blisters form her climbing shoes too, but she's young enough to get away with converse or uggs or other ugh shoes in between climbing ordeals. Why must cute shoes do that?
    Nice photos of the photo takers and love that little girl's expression. She looks super annoyed. You know, every time I see a beautiful girl I wonder, despite all the beauty on the outside, if someone's got to put up with the... :)

  5. Oooh trying a new hairdresser is very scary, glad it worked out well for you. I am so looking forward to seeing some of the places you talk about when we visit NY next year. :)

  6. Ouch on the blister! Oddly enough, I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Never knew anything til I took off my shoe and there was blood all over my sock! :-(

    Sounds like we're having the same weather you are. A bit too humid for me, but really gorgeous for this time of year! xo.

  7. Ouch for the foot, Daryl. Nifty photos of the art. And I totally lost you when you were talking to the Apple folk. We've come a long way since Johnny Appleseed.

  8. Your popped blister sounds painful... a few years ago a too short pair of tennis shoes created blisters under (under mind you) my big toe nails... yowza that hurt!

  9. Yeah, I like your idea of not restoring from the cloud too.

  10. I'm still fearful of upgrading to ios7... hoping the glitches are worked out before I finally get around to it.
    Fun day in the city!..well except for that nasty blister:(

  11. I agree -- wait and backup to iTunes. I don't think I have any weird dates.


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