thats just not nice

i dont mind rain
 i like fog
 i dont like vapid drizzle
 it isnt worth opening the umbrella
 i dont like the way it spots my glasses
 makes me wish
 they had little wipers to switch on
 my hair gets big
 thats ok
 its flat thats not good

 my friend blondie
 was supposed to meet me

 she texted
 her throat was sore
 she wasnt up to it

 i was sad
 by having a leg massage
 along with my mani pedi

 while i was enjoying my beautification™
 blondie texted
 she had to go out get some meds
 she needed to eat lunch
 if i wasnt afraid
 catching her germs
 would i meet her anyway

 i replied
 i was fearless

 where to go
it was spitting
 neither of us
 wanted to go far

 on broadway at 76 street
 neither of us have been to their other location down on hudson
 we wondered
 did it serve communist eggs? 

its a chinese restaurant
 a dim sum 

 long farm tables
 some little booths

 we opted for a booth

 its an interesting menu
 after some explanation by a hyper waitress
 we both
 to order
 rice noodles with vegetables

 one bowl arrived
 we quizzed
 the not our waitress young woman
 who brought it
 were we to share this 
 was another bowl on its way

she would check

 while we waited
 we both picked
 at the contents of the bowl
 it was tasty

 the not our waitress returned to say
 our waitress
 had written up
 only one serving


how long
 we can get another serving?

 she promised to expedite it
our actual waitress
 showed up to say
 she would get the second order placed

 we continued to talk and pick/share 
when we were done 
blondie gestured for the waitress

 i said
 we dont want the second order
 we're done 
 so sorry for the confusion

 we listened
  then she left

 we looked at one another
 blondie waved the manager over 
explained it to him
 asking for the check
 he apologized

 after he left
 she said to me
 if he is smart he will not charge us at all
 i said
 i dont think he's that smart

yet another person
 brought the check

 as we argued
 how small tip
no tip

 the manager
came back with a bag
 the order was ready
 please take it with our compliments
 we are very sorry for the confusion

 we thanked him
 left the waitress a small tip

had she
 just said
 my bad so sorry
 we would have tipped her the full amount
 she blamed the kitchen for her mistake
 is just not nice 

by the way the food is very good
 even if the service is still being worked on
 i recommend it 
 i think
 i will be going back
 not til they work out the kinks