see ya

thats from another trip to chicago back in june 2004
we took the architectural tour on the river

 i visited my friend mags
 several more times over the years
is one of my very favorite photos


i leave
this morning
 an insanely early hour
flying jetblue
 using miles
still not sure
 i opted to pick a flight so early
 but i did
 it left me
lots more miles
 to spend
 on future trips
 so its worth it

i wont have access to a computer
 i get back next sunday



  1. Hope you have a wonderful trip!! Safe travels! We will all miss you and look forward to seeing pics upon your return!

  2. Safe travels and enjoy Chicago! I hope to follow around a bit on Instagram ;-)

  3. L.O.V.E. the photo! Have a fantastico time m'deario. xx

  4. I hope your trip was fantastic!

    That architecture tour in Chicago is one of the best touristy things I've ever done. MY WIFE and I recommend it without reservation. AND it resulted in some actual good photos by me, which is always the longest of longshots (but with such amazing subject matter, it's near impossible not to get a few good ones.)

  5. I hope you enjoyed your trip! Oh how I would love to hop on a plane and fly ANYWHERE right about now. The office I'm working in right now is right under the flight path near BWI airport and I keep seeing Southwest planes coming in for their final approach and I just want to GO.

  6. What a great photo, I love it.

    Hope your trip is fantastic. I love Chicago but love NYC more.

  7. I felt an absence. Daryl! 3 days? How sweet to find you're adventuring! Safe voyage, Hon.
    Port Out - Starboard Home ALWAYS:-) (POSH)


  8. Wonderful, with the fog rolling in. Have a great trip!

  9. late to the bon voyage but i hope it's a wonderful trip.

  10. WOW, that foggy waterfront shot is very dramatic and the light magical... have a safe trip!


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