meet and greet

on the street
 on broadway
  a few saturdays ago
 it was a veritable
 catch up
 for those pooches
as you can see
 were with a dog walker
how can i tell
 they're clustered together
that little black white dust mop
 to say
 a bit of a traffic jam
 i had to snap them


  1. I love your calling him/her a dust mop! He\s/she's so cute, but that's an apt description. They're saying hey to their front ends, too! ;)

  2. It's nice to see them all getting along so well. :)

  3. such a common scene in the city and always a fun one too!!

  4. I love watching dogs introducing themselves to each other.

  5. Lots of "dustmops" around here, too. Their conversations last for hours...

  6. Daryl, it gets like that around our local park too!


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