its so cool

last sunday
 as i was walking to irving farms for some coffee
 there was a huge crowd
 across the street

 being a blasé new yorker
 i didn't bother to cross over 
to see what was happening 
 did i ask anyone
 in irving farms

 i pretty much forgot about it

 on saturday
 i had a massage appointment 
on the eastside
 by a brunch date
 with my sister
 back on the westside

 we texted one another 
to meet 
on the corner
amsterdam and 79th

 i was daydreaming
 i guess
i forgot
 to ring
 the amsterdam bus stop 
the next stop
 i could walk back
 its only one block
i stand up 
heading into position
 to exit 
when he stops for the traffic light
 i look over 
to my right
 out the window 

there are people standing

 this time
 i pay attention
 on the wall

 its a banksy!

 when i get off
 i walk back
take a photo
 just like everyone else 

its interesting
 to note
 that the owner of the building
 a commercial building
 a dws
 (designer shoe warehouse)
 the extremely pricey street art
 with a plexiglass 'shield'
 it will keep vandals and thieves away
 is the thought process

 trust me
wants to steal it 
they will 

if not resourceful

its so cool 
to have a
in the 'hood