city daily photo theme day - october - details

city daily photo

 the example
they cite
 is a photo
 to one i posted a while ago
 of a dresser
with various tschkas on top
 accompanying it was this: 

So whether your photo
 a superb
 macro shot 
of the insides of your watch, 
 something far more obscure, 
we all want to see it!   

I had in something else in mind
 to me 
 macro shots 
 table top still life/lives

 to me
 the detail/details
 what catches my eye

 in this case
what caught my eye
the way
 the sun 
those granite blocks
 the way
 the color 
of the light 
 the texture 

this staircase
 in riverside park
 is blocked off 
do not enter barricade
i could lean over 
 get the angle
 i wanted to share

 this is it

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  1. I interpreted details as you did, too. I love the mystery of this staircase.....

  2. Wow, that's determination. Not grim determination. How about "grit and determination" for bending over a barricade to get the photo because that patch of light was just too good to pass up.
    What's really wonderful is that it isn't an unbroken swath of sunlight, it is all broken up into shapes similar to the steps themselves.
    Great work, Daryl. I just know, if it had been me there instead of you, I'd have tried to get the shot, fallen over the barricade, tumbled down the stairs and around the bend to a spot where no one could see me, and I'd be screaming my head off. Folks up by the barricade would be saying, "I'm not going down there for some crazy old lady. It says it's closed. Right there on the barricade it says it's closed. And she doesn't sound like an American, either. Probably a Canadian. Ask her to say 'roof'!"

  3. I Like your interpretation the light play is wonderful
    This isn't the same set of stairs you fell on, is it?

  4. You and I share the love of light and shadows. Well done D!

  5. Lovely and inviting scene. Like how you see 'details'.

  6. I like seeing all that stone being slowly overtaken by vegetation. A portrait of the future ?

  7. Beautiful light and stone texture. All the greenery is refreshing too. Makes me wonder why it's closed.

  8. Great image, mysterious, inviting, relaxing, love that place!

  9. I share your idea of what 'details' are. I rather like the writing. I wish I had time to read it all.


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