back from the windy city and beyond!

 i woke
 without the aid
 either the alarm clock
the alarm i set on my iPhone

 arrived at jfk
 in plenty of time 
 my crack of dawn flight

 flight was uneventful
 we arrived on time
 i picked up the rental car
 settled into the traffic
 is the kennedy 'expressway'

 i believe the economy must be doing well
 as there 
no end
 to the construction

 caught up with my friend mags
 who looks fantastic

the fog and drizzle
did not stop us

we headed out to explore the neighborhood
have lunch
 a lot of wandering
in and out
 of the shops

 that evening
 we relaxed and ordered in
 we also were planned a leisurely wake up
wednesday morning
 by a 3 hour drive
it lies very west of chicago
 right across the mississippi river 
from iowa 

we had a lot of adventures
asking a state patrolman directions
a much needed bathroom break stop
 another stop for lunch

 we arrived
 late in the afternoon
 like all good shoppers
 we stopped in town
 to look around
 before heading to our hotel
 back out for a late dinner
a must-do if you ever get to galena

 we hit the road
 looking for some recommended photo ops
 we got lost 
ended up getting some amazing photos

 back to town for lots more shopping
 another visit to jamie's 
 dinner at
 back to the hotel to collapse

 mags had a bad reaction to something
was truly sick
 friday morning
 she slept in
i went to walmart for sickroom supplies
 then to the spa
 for a massage
 we packed up the car
took one small detour
 for another highly recommended photo op 
 back on the road
 to chicago 

when we got back
 mags went to bed 
i amused myself with my iPad apps 

 she was feeling better 
so we did a little retail therapy in old town
 which is very near her apartment

me with Gio and there's Mags in the background

 i got my weekly hair wash/blowout at her salon
 lunch at
 more shopping
 back for mags to nap 
we went to
 for dinner
 another really good inexpensive place to eat if you get to chicago

 i flew home sunday morning
 i get to go back to work today 
next week
 lucky me 
20 days of grand jury duty!!!!

oh yeah
 will be shared 
over at 


  1. Galena sounds like a fun place to visit. Sorry to hear that your friend was sick, hope she's much better now.

    PS LOVED that barn pic - Toto, I don't think we're in NYC anymore...

  2. Really enjoyed this the.... Grand Jury Duty? Yikes! Can't wait to hear about That...

    Aloha, Dar

  3. Oh, Daryl. Grand Jury? You'll be appointed to a judgeship next.
    One of my nephews was on a jury for a 'sensitive' case and they jurors had to promise never to name names or discuss it. I was so disappointed, after thinking of writing some fiction. O well. Will you have a gag order, too? SO curious.

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip and I enjoyed the photos over at Instagram. Hope Mags is feeling better -- what a shame. And Grand Jury!! Hope it's fascinating.

  5. WOW that was hectic!! Welcome home, I've missed you.

  6. Hey, there you are. Getting out of town is good. Shame that your friend got sick. Did you figure out what made her ill? Food poisoning or allergy? My friend Tamiko gets terribly ill if there's even a hint of shellfish anywhere near her plate, which is kind of sad for her living here in Vancouver where the mussels and clams are so wonderful. I remember eating something when on a weekend get of of town from Geneva, where I was living, to Venice. I thought I was going to die for a day. Ugh. Not nice. Glad Mags recovered and you got on with your mini break. Heading over to check out TME. Hope you have a wonderful week, getaway girl. :)

  7. Welcome home, traveller. I grew up in Iowa but have never heard of Galena on the other side of the river, so I will have to Google it and see what makes it special. Heading next door to look at your photos.

  8. An enjoyable read about your trip to Chicago. Looking forward to seeing some of those photos you have spoken of :).

  9. Daryl, sounds like you had a great time! But I knew you would!
    I'm glad you're home safe and sound!

  10. I love how many friends you've made through the interwebs.

  11. Now that was one busy week, but it sure sounds like it was fun. Minus your friend getting sick, of course.
    20 days??? I hope it's an interesting one.
    Glad you had such a good time away! xo.

  12. It was delightful to join you on your vacation through instagram! Some great photos there!


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