who am i kidding

i was
 without words
last night
 i was yawning
 before dinner
 which is pretty early
 due to
my rising
 before the butt crack of dawn
 eating lunch before noon
 i am going to fit right in
 if i ever retire
of those over 65 developments

 early bird dinners
 sunset specials
 i would laugh
its not funny

 my husband
11.5 yrs older
 than me
 in every way

  speaking of older
 how i whined
 about the comptroller's office
 möbius strip
 form filling?

 i called the 800#
on the letter
 to speak
 a human being

 i decided
 to give in
 fill out the forms

 have them notarized

 i got it all together
for my sister to notarize
 set it aside

toonman brings in the mail
 'you've got jury duty'

i am
 about this
 i take the letter
from him
 i am going to postpone it
 i mutter
 i look at the return address
 from the county clerk
the comptroller's office

 it looks
 like a check

 getting it open
 was fun
 it was

 was indeed
 a check
for those stocks
physical possession of

 this upcoming election
will bring in a new comptroller
 i hope

 who am i kidding


  1. Good for you, check in hand. I too love those eyes....

  2. Well, you got the check so you get to buy the beers. Good luck on your jury duty. Here in Tulsa it is special place in hell.

  3. I'm already there, Daryl! I'm up early, do my errands when the stores open (when I'm off that day), and eat in front of the evening news. Often, I can't keep my eyes open at nine o'clock. I'm not even very old...what happened to me?!? LOL.

  4. The shorter days are fooling me into thinking it's very late when it's only about 7pm. If I don't stay up until 10, I will wake up at 3 or 4. That's not good. I need 8 hours.

  5. Lol, I think I'll fit right in to those 65+ schemes. I think I've fit in my whole life because of 14 yrs of figure skating and on the ice by 6am and crashed in bed by 8pm! Ok, now in my old age I can stay up to 9pm! Thank goodness you avoided the jury duty this time. (I know, civic service and all that, but it's such a terrible thing to have to go thru.) I was on a jury for a molestation/assault case and it was a most dreadful experience. Lovely, creepy photo of the eyes. I love when there's a bit more imagination put into unsightly street utilities. Here we are starting to get street utilities boxes covered with photo murals which mimic the street scene or introduce some bucolic green and they blend in more without looking like a sore thumb, and I especially love the giant construction plastics which have a mural of what the future building will look like. :) Oh, and, hey, a cheque is better than a poke in the eye....as long as you don't have to give it back! :)

  6. Great shot of those eyes!

    Government bureaucracy. A little taste of Hell, right here on earth.


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