wherein i bore even myself

it was not easy
to get up
 on friday morning
go into the office

 it was a long day

 i missed my sleep in

 looked forward to saturday morning

  the cats
 i didnt need to sleep in
 i got up at 7:30ish
 with every intention
of feeding them
going back to bed

 it didnt work out that way
jack is a slow poke eater
 in between bites
 he daydreams
 harry feels
 if jack
isnt eating 
whatever is in his bowl
 is fair game
 you have to be a food monitor
 i stayed up

 i took the bus crosstown
 to get my hair unflippy
 a little keratin
 on the bottom
 smoothed away
 that girl flip

 it was a beautiful day for a walk
when i got back
 i made toonman walk what he calls
the loop 
with me 

now he's watching football

 i spotted this advertisement 
for a perfume company called
 bond no. 9
 on east 72nd street

 the shop is on madison between east 72 and 73


  1. Too bad about your sleep deprivation, but the photo was worth it! ;)

    Bibi's pretty good about not waking me up. She gently jumps on the bed and I find her sleeping beside me....only comes over to cuddle when I start to move around a lot.

  2. Bond No. 9... kind of like Love Potion No. 9. :) Love the That Girl flip!!

  3. Don't even talk to me about cats! Those two scrubby Vancouver cats of mine are driving me insane. One won't stop mewing incessantly and the other one constantly wants to sit on me. Robert is very fond of reminding me that our British cat is better behaved because I don't have enough rules, boundaries and limitations here with these two when he's not around and they walk all over me. (Or in Morgan's case, sit)

  4. Somehow, I can just picture Harry scheming for the food! :-)
    Sorry about the sleep, but it sounds like it was a good day after all. xo.

  5. I hope Toonman is enjoying his Giants better than I am the Cowboys.

  6. I enjoy a quiet weekend with you than a rodeo of Nonsense elsewhere......


  7. We went to a huge flea market on Saturday and I read and worked on Sunday. I really should have spent Sunday outside.

  8. Out in the city and Kings Park on Saturday with Aimee and painting (not enjoying) all day Sunday! The weekend seemed too short :)


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