where in she self congratulations duh congratulates

a truncated weekend
i am still whining
having to work fridays

 it was gloriously like fall
 superb sleeping weather
 long sleeve t-shirt 
light weight sweater 

i went through my closet
 anything i have not worn in a year
went into a bag
 i will be passing along
 to people
 who will wear them

 in the process 
i rediscovered
 a fabulous one button suit jacket 

 i thought 
it would be good 
to wear
 on chilly mornings 
it would give
 my other 
 black former suit jacket
 a break
 a rest

 i put it on
 the shoulders are padded
 let me tell
 those of you 
who dont know me
 in the real 3d world
 my own shoulders
a full back 
a wide receiver
 you know
 one of those guys
 what plays
 toonman's favorite sport

 i didnt need shoulder pads back in the day
 that jacket
 needs to be restructured
 i need a good tailor
 to redo it 
til then
 it will hang 
in a plastic bag
 to protect it
 from cat hair

 i also moved 
a lot
 fall into winter clothes 
more to the front of the closet

 i dont have storage space
 i rotate
 the warm
 the less warm
 the lightweight
back to front to middle
 on the season

 i also have
 on the floor of the closet
in their boxes

 i must go through them 
i know there is
 at least one pair 
that will end up
 salt damage
 'they' salt the snow here 
to help melt it 
 it eats away
 at boots
wet weather protection application

 i got a start 
 i have
 i have ensured
 a return
 to humid summer temps


oh yeah
 i am loving
 the sleek smoothness
 the newly applied keratin to my tresses
 i am loving
 having painted my nails 
a sort of grey
 i am in a grey mood 

i think on monday
 i will wear
 a grey light weight sweater
a pair of cropped nili lotan pants
 i rediscovered

 cleaning closets
 can be rewarding
not only
 do you make room
 for new purchases 
you find
 beloved things
 you forgot 
you owned

 win win