this and that

 i am not
 going to whine
 missing my fridaycation

it was a busy week
 the weather 
 so lovely
 so lacking
 in moisture
 no rain
 no humidity 
 sleep with the windows open under a comforter

i am
my ios7 trepidation
 that article 
i linked to 
was better than a xanax

 i had my teeth cleaned
 i brush my teeth twice a day
3 minutes

 as soon as
 i finish eating
i am jabbing away with
 gum brand go-betweens
 little brushes
 that fit between teeth
 pushing out
 nasty food particles
 cause me
 need more expensive dental work
the hygienist
 for almost an hour
 it was 
 my mouth open
 a sound coming out
we all know
 i can talk non stop
 for a lot longer than that

 i think
 we're going to watch that brad pitt zombie movie tonite
last week
 we watched the star trek movie
 in between
 we've watched
 the end of this season's
 loved it 
jane fonda was truly exceptional
 she's thanked aaron sorkin a zillion times for two brilliant scenes 
watching the wrap up
  breaking bad
awesome writing
incredible acting
we also
 got to enjoy
 kevin spacey
 the owner of the best hair piece in the acting world
 house of cards

 oh yeah
 months ago
 i sent in forms
 to reclaim stock money from stock certificates
 i never had

 my sister researched
 how to reclaim it 
got me the forms
 certified them
shortly after
 i sent them in 
 i got a letter acknowledging said forms
 it would a short wait til they were processed
 that was at the beginning of august 

  i got a letter
 identical forms enclosed
 if i wanted to reclaim these funds
 i would need to complete the enclosed forms
 gah fucking gah
 i am 
not submitting anything
i am
 the 800 #
to someone 
 i am not
 mobius strip


  1. You remind me I am overdo for a cleaning...oh....

    I envy your watching Breaking Bad....still waiting for the final episodes to come here, soon, I hope. What a series.

  2. the hubby updated to io7...his comment was he didn't like it. I will show him the website you so graciously shared.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I guess that I shouldn't mention that today is my every other week Fridacation. After a meeting the the kids school we are going to breakfast and then a movie, or two. Lunch maybe.

  4. Happily you're not trying to file papers in the Czech Republic. I can't even tell you the three years of hoops and paperwork and the hiring of lawyers to have my divorce acknowledged in Prague I had to go thru to regain my Czech citizenship. (For EU passport purposes) Good luck with that one. I love the idea of being able to phone and resolve things; that way I can always say something like, "Put me thru to someone who can resolve this situation in my favour!"

  5. I need a cleaning and this is a good reminder to get my backside in gear. So much body maintenance, it takes all year to get it all scheduled.

  6. thanks for the reassurance over the iphone update. I'll be sure to read the article when I get up the nerve to make the change.
    I loved World War Z. I was surprised (& happy) to see there was no gore in this movie.

  7. Breaking Bad is now the Best TV.

    Watch those intertooth brushes- they can make gaps between teeth- floss instead. I like those flosser thingies.

    No place like NYC in Autumn:-)


  8. I am beginning to believe that anything involving a system is a bureaucratic
    mobius strip. that is such a perfect description! xo.

  9. I just had my teeth cleaned this week too:) and I am always complaining because my hygienist won't stop talking! Does she really think I can talk back? I would prefer quiet:) and their music choices are terrible too!

    Loved Newsroom! Loved that last show!

  10. Oh Jane Fonda is totally brilliant in Newsroom. We've just started Breaking Bad (yes, we're on season 1!) and like it so far. So much good television on Sunday nights.


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