this and that

having a normal 2 day weekend
 i have to cram
so much
 into it
 look at that nice bench
we had no time
to sit on it
during our hour long walk
 riverside park
 before the walk
 i had to do errands
the walk
 all i wanted to do
sit on the couch
back forth
college football

 sunday morning
 i slept in

 i woke
 a really weird dream
 pieces of which
 i can still
hours later
i recall
 what woke me
 that my iPhone
 had turned into an iPad
on it
 in arabic

 i really
 to be able to use my address book
it wasnt in english
i was getting very upset
a stranger
 a woman
 took it from me
 she said
if you hold it up in the air and shake
 it it will go back to english
 sure enough
 it did
 i embraced her
 to look up a phone number
only to discover
 it was back in arabic

i was very upset
extremely upset

 i dont even care
why or what
 this was about
i am just glad
 it was a dream
my phone apps

after caffeinating
watching the news
 i headed out
 to get beautified™
to meet my friend
 who toonman calls
for brunch
 we went to theory
 i exchanged a pair of leggings
when i bought them
 the sales person
a size 6 was perfect
 its not
 i am a size 8
 they were nice enough to swap them for another style in medium
we went to zara
a place
 that has a lot of very 'current' clothing
 for not a lot of $$
 i got a pair of plaid leggings/tights that were $19
 how could i not buy them?

we walked up to banana republic
 i found a pair of corduroy slim pants
 in a paisley
 in awesome fall colors
 i am very into pattern pants
 after year
of filling my closet
 classic wool black trousers
  skinny leg jeans in mainly blue or black

 we also went to nanoosh
 for lunch
 mushroom and red pepper humus wraps
with side salads
 really delish
 tho i am sure
they were extremely high in calorie

oh well

 we also stopped into kate spade's new shop on columbus
they were celebrating their grand opening
 white wine and rugalah
 i passed on the wine
 the raisin rugalah
 really hit the spot
i had been craving
 something sweet
 the sweet buys
 i got shopping

 all in all
a really good jam packed weekend

how was yours?

 tell me all about it

oh yeah
i think my directions
 for setting up blogs via email
was not clear
so here's a clarification

after you install gadget go to your sidebar
click on the sign up icon where it says Submit
page pops up .. at top is Burn Feeder ... click on it
Click on name of your blog
Click on Optimize -  out the options
Click on Publicize
   email subscriptions
              - is where you set the time: Delivery Options
              - communications preferences is where you can set up the way people
                 can reply to you via email 
              - socialize allows you to get it posted to Twitter and Facebook if you want

look at all your options, its really a great service