the other half

sleeping in
 i did get up at around 7
 to feed the cats
 to shut them up
 they sit outside the closed bedroom door 

 after i fed them
 with my eyes closed
 i went back to bed til almost 9

 i love sleeping
 when i am snuggled under a comforter

i got my act together
 took it on the road

this week
 my nails are
an essie color
 thats a 

a perfect 
beginning of fall color

  after my morning at polished beauty bar
 i walked
 across to columbus avenue

there was a huge street festival underway 

i didnt stop to shop
 i was on my way to dramatics
 for my wash/blow dry
 i am wondering
i will be trekking
 all this way
the weather gets nasty

 i sure miss going to sam and chris
since tina is gone
 there's no one there on sunday
 who i really dont like


i stopped at citarella
 for some of their own brand salad dressing walnut vinaigrette
 its light and tasty
 also picked up a salad
granola peanut butter banana chocolate cookies
 i suspect
 if they are good
 they will be deslish
 on the other hand
 they might be gross
  i will let you know

 toonman and i took a short walk 
he needed to escape the giants who were losing
 (and continued to do so, he is very unhappy) 
we took a short walk
 up through the park
 to the community gardens

it was chilly
 when the sun hid behind the clouds
 the breeze that had been lovely
 earlier in the day
 a lot stronger and less pleasant
we walked 
always a good thing

i got a few shots of people 
 the end of the weekend