saturday and sunday

it was a nice weekend
 the weather continues to be perfect
 cool mornings
 sun warmed afternoons
 sleep under the comforter at night 

i did
 those necessary
 dull errands
 we took a walk
 in the park 
did the short loop

 toonman says
 he feels
 like a guide dog
 every time 
i stop to take a photo

 took my BIG camera
only took
 the 35mm lens
 it does just fine
  my neck 
 thank you

that squirrel
 that it was not a zoom
 as i walked a bit closer 
he waited
 he knew 
i was going to put him on my blog
 i told him so

 i also met several fabulous dogs 
whose photos will be shared
 over the coming saturdays

 i told toonman
 i am going to get a dog if i retire
 he didnt even respond
 he didnt hear me 

its interesting walking
 with him
 he has earbuds in his ears
 so he can listen to music
 i think
 he sort of 
hears me

 i wish
 i could remember 
what it was i said 
he misheard
 of course
 i cant remember that

 just as well 
i am sure
 it was
 a you needed to be there

i did spot the dog topiary 
(thanks to susan for alerting me)
 in the community gardens
 it hadnt had twigs for its whiskers
 i would never have spotted it 

what do you think?

 i beautified
 i would have liked to take another walk 
over the giants


  1. Re the guide dog comment, Toonman is a very funny man.
    & your squirrel photo is a scream. Nice capture Daryl.

  2. What a nice weekend you had - so glad the weather was so good!
    The dog topiary needs a bit of grooming I think, a tad overgrown?

  3. I loved the dog topiary as soon as you mentioned what it was. But the squirrel was best. I love live dogs, and live squirrels.
    You and Toonman are both very funny.
    I think you do need a dog after you retire. We can have nice long back-and-forths about breeds beforehand, get Janice etc. involved. Her dog went to visit a friend while the wild women were there, but her mother's cats came over to visit, a lot. I had a nice restful time with her mother, while everyone else cavorted loudly.

  4. Well, I'm glad you pointed out the topiary. Doggie needs to be beautified, too! Squirrels don't seem to mind my zoom, but birds take flight when I use it....and earphones; don't understand how people can use them while out walking, honestly. I like to be in touch with my surroundings. But each to his own.

  5. i came to visit you and you said hello from your bed, you also had a garden. i rarely have dreams, or could be i don't remember them...

    getting a dog IF you retire...hmm. will definitely retire, can do that in 8 yrs, will have to in 18. dogs are great amusement, but i don't greatly enjoy getting up in the middle of miserably cold winter night to take one out. ah, but i don't have to, the other person in the house will do that! would toonman?

  6. I always seem to obsess over which lens to take... often opt for larger vs. smaller. Good luck on the dog project -- I imagine a little pooch would fit your NY lifestyle nicely. :)

  7. Toonman is a nice guy. Sweetie just walks on when we are together and I take pics so I shoot and run a lot. I felt so sorry for toonman yesterday but I had plenty to cry about myself later on.

  8. It looks like a beautiful day for a walk with your camera. Sorry about Toonman's Giants (not for the team, but for him). Our Niners are having a rough start to the season so my resident fan is having days like that too.
    One day I would like to have a smaller dog but that is a long time from now. Enjoy the day :-)

  9. I think it's the duty of every non-camera carrying spouse to roll his eyes at the camera carrying spouse. And then, when appropriate, complain about the lack of photos on some particular day! I know it well. Actually, now it comes to us compromising and actually deciding on camera or not, because I can be a total pain on a walk and especially because the not-total-pain iphone doesn't take stop action like my canons. What's a girl to do? Nice job on the dog comment TM didn't hear. There's no backing out for him

  10. That squirrel definitely has personality. The topiary...not so much.

  11. Daryl, glad you had a great weekend! Or it sounds like you did.
    We had our first storm of the year all weekend. It's still raining and rained since Friday. Lots of wind too!.
    So we hung pretty close to the inside!

  12. Love the guide dog comment!!
    Sounds like a good weekend, and the weather sure has been perfect. It sounds like it will continue for most of this week too.
    I'll take it!!! xo.

  13. Crying over the Giants, and dragged through the park....poor fellow:-)

    The dog topiary is clearly a high spirits mixed breed

    Aloha, D


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