saturday and sunday

it was a nice weekend
 the weather continues to be perfect
 cool mornings
 sun warmed afternoons
 sleep under the comforter at night 

i did
 those necessary
 dull errands
 we took a walk
 in the park 
did the short loop

 toonman says
 he feels
 like a guide dog
 every time 
i stop to take a photo

 took my BIG camera
only took
 the 35mm lens
 it does just fine
  my neck 
 thank you

that squirrel
 that it was not a zoom
 as i walked a bit closer 
he waited
 he knew 
i was going to put him on my blog
 i told him so

 i also met several fabulous dogs 
whose photos will be shared
 over the coming saturdays

 i told toonman
 i am going to get a dog if i retire
 he didnt even respond
 he didnt hear me 

its interesting walking
 with him
 he has earbuds in his ears
 so he can listen to music
 i think
 he sort of 
hears me

 i wish
 i could remember 
what it was i said 
he misheard
 of course
 i cant remember that

 just as well 
i am sure
 it was
 a you needed to be there

i did spot the dog topiary 
(thanks to susan for alerting me)
 in the community gardens
 it hadnt had twigs for its whiskers
 i would never have spotted it 

what do you think?

 i beautified
 i would have liked to take another walk 
over the giants