never thought i'd hate change

 i upgraded 
my iphone 5
 to the new operating system 
 its going to take some getting used to 

its not
 the little icons
 are different
when you 'open' it 
they seem 
 at you
 thats not it
too bright

comes with apps
 have white background
 if you reverse things
 i tried that
 i like that

what bugs me most 
the changes they made to
 it used
 to look
a yellow lined pad
 i loved that
 its white 
no lines
no font options


 you used
 to be able
 to quit apps
 the on/off home button
 to make
 the open apps appear
 you'd tap them
 they'd shut/quit
 doesnt work any longer 
i havent been able to intuit
 how its done

 i will google it
 i wish they'd just left some of the things the way they were 
i have never objected to changes before 
 this version
warm and fuzzy

since i wrote this at 6:30ish
its now 8:15ish
 i googled
 found a great site
 that helped me
 less weirded out

 if you need help
 getting over the changes in ios7

 i am going to get a glass of wine
 i deserve it


  1. I just got an iphone in August. Still trying to figure the darn thing out! Can't even imagine doing an up-grade at the moment! That would probably push me over the

    Cute kitty! And the sign..."Lucky Foot Rub" gave me a chuckle!

  2. Well D you didn't fail me!! I waited since last night for the IOS 7 and then...waited. I'm thinking I'll TRY to wait a week or so as they might need to get some bug fixes PLUS I want to make sure my apps will work and folks like you give it the thumbs up!
    I surely don't like the sounds of a white note pad although a lot of the changes sound super duper. I also need to upgrade to iTunes 11 first as well. I am just not great at change. I use my phone at work so that's part of it. I use it to take photos , edit create etc. and I don't need the added aggravation of a crap upgrade. SO with all of that said I will look forward to your thoughts on this upgrade in a week or so!
    I also love that I'm not the only one excited about this.
    As always love your pic.

  3. i have to say, i like the upgrade! i like both the notifications pull down and the slide up control pane. itunes radio seems very good and i know i'll use it. i like being able to see when someone sent me a text message by sliding across the screen. being able to move between apps by double clicking the home button i really like. my ipad doesn't suppot airdrop but i know i would use that alot. my new phone will have it. alot of sweet little improvements. i think it depends on how you use your devices. we all use them in our own unique ways. xo

  4. Is that your new phone in your new photo? Jazz, if not friendly. I know what you mean about change; most of the time I'm okay, and tell myself 'everybody else can do this'....I think.

  5. I have been stressing about this since this afternoon! First, I upgraded my iPad, then my husband's iTouch, then my phone. By this time, I could see it was going to take some getting used to! Like you, I was googling because there were certain things that simply were not intuitive to me! Like, for instance, swiping down the middle of the screen to get the searchbox to show up! Who knew? And I HATE the fact that it is much toooooooooo white! And they took my yellow-lined paper and my felt marker away!! 😞😳. It is definitely going to take some getting used to! It takes me much longer to learn these days! 😀

  6. It took me almost a year to get used to the stupid iPhone, I'm not happy about an upgrade. I kind of miss my android.

  7. I'm slowly figuring out the changes, so thanks for the link to a helpful place. In addition to that, I had major backups to do on my outer last night and an upgrade to Lightroom. I'm trying to be patient with it all, but have yet to update my iPad.

  8. There were times, just a few years ago, that I embraced changes, but now companies make them far too often and it's a bit insulting to me that I can't figure them out. Why do we need so many changes in such short time frames? It's mind boggling.

  9. Sometimes new things are not always best. I do love the internet for this type of stuff as I do it with my galaxy phone if I want to know how to do something. Easier than looking at the manual for sure. I am sure you will get used to the new look and ideas for the phone! Have a GREAT day !!


  10. Daryl, funny, I ended up going to the same web site! Got all mine done. Not too much trouble, but there always seems to be a glitch! I love these changes. Exciting. Something new. Progress! I guess if we didn't have change we'd still be in caves!

  11. Much as with your protestations concerning sporting posts of mine, I was entirely lost here. Like the cat, though.

  12. Yup, have heard a lot about this.
    I'm holding off til the weekend to upgrade when I have time for the frustration. :-) xo.
    Thank you for the link. I think I'll do some reading there, first.

  13. I haven't downloaded the update yet and I'm really nervous about doing it....I think I will have my glass of wine before I do it...and then another afterwards:)

    But no lined yellow notes?! I love those notes!


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