more this and that

it was a mostly yucky weather weekend
 i did not 
out and about
i hoped
 i might 

 was errands day

 i planned
 on going
 governors island
 a friend in from out of town
 it looked like it was going to pour

 a ferry ride
 on rough waters
 i wanted to do again

 i am still seasick shy
 my ferry ride from boston to p-town
 a few summers back
 my tummy 
wasnt quite up to par 
so i spent the day
the apartment 
 pretty much nothing 

i did
 the new hipstamatic combo
 buenos aires

 i sort of like the softness of it

 minus the hair appt
 the wonderful woman
 who has been blow drying my tresses
 left the salon
there's no one else there 
 care to use

 i did my mani/pedi 

met my friend judy
 for lunch
on columbus
 we were both so hungry
 so busy
 i didnt take any food fotos

 we did watch 
4 episodes
 house of cards
 netflix streaming

 i cant imagine why i put off watching it

 so good

so what did you do
was it/is it
long weekend for you?

 i am thrilled to sleep in again 
 i will try out a new salon
 get this hair ready for another work week


  1. I love your nail color!
    & the Buenos Aires app pic is lovely too Daryl.

  2. Love the turquoise toenails.
    Sorry you weren't feeling quite up to par, though. Take it easy. No labor on Labor Day.

  3. I loved the house of cards! Robert didn't get into it then, so maybe he'll give it another chance sometime. Looking forward to season two of that. This has been a funny year of TV shows for us. The minute we fell in love with a show it seemed to get cancelled and the drivel shows we don't like at all seemed to be picked up for yet another season. What's that all about?

    It's been a funny emotional weekend here, mainly because I leave E on Wednesday and it's always a little sad for me to be away from R for a couple of months. Also, I think my life is a bit like a realestate job, you know, no good time to leave one country for the other; so much to do. Oh well, life going on...

    Off to chop up some fire wood with R today. :)

  4. Oh, I didn't know about House of Cards. I'll put that on our list. Did you see Orange is the new Black? We liked that series.

    Bummer on the hairdresser leaving. Hope you find someone else you like.

  5. Nice bright nails and a busy weekend for you then Daryl!

  6. Oh dear, hair stylists should never be allowed to leave us. I hope you like the new one. I had an upset tummy yesterday but we drove to Morro Bay in the morning and then took a nap in the afternoon.
    I like the photo with the new app. Looking forward to your Autumn in New York photos....coming up in another month or so.

  7. My weekend was boring but I have no complaints about that. Read a book that I thought was going to be good. I kept waiting for it to be more, but when it wasn't, it was a disappointment. Up next is the one you recommended: Night Circus.

  8. I love the new Buenos Aires pack also, I'm still experimenting with it. Problem is that we haven't gone anywhere where I can take photos. We had lots of drama with the kid because he ruined an expensive electronic gizmo and we aren't buying him another, sigh, dad has a headache. But I did smoke some great chicken quarters.

  9. It was soggy and humid here too, but it stayed nice just long enough to get K all moved into his new apartment in Boston. A very long day indeed, but with the exception of coming back home with a queen sized box spring that would not fit through the stairwell, everything went well! :-)

    Love the pedi color!

    I've not played with the new HipstaPak yet. If it ever stops raining, it's on my to-do list for today. xo.

  10. Daryl, a sunny hot weekend here! Too hot for me! So we had a quiet weekend as usual. We are dog sitting for my daughter and family who went camping! Fun having the two dogs!
    Well, it's September. I can feel the change. I like things getting back to so called normal!
    I read Kathy Reichs new Bones book and Fredrick Forsyth's newest! I enjoyed both!

  11. Your toenails almost match the color of the print of those glasses from a.g.

    Yes, long weekend here, did not do much of anything, it was sort of blah. Perhaps it's the start of the school year looming.

  12. Love your toenail color! Bummer on your hairdresser. Hope you find another one! I caved and got my hair done at my regular place this weekend. Tried to catch up on email and blogs, but it's a losing battle for awhile as I try to get going as a real estate agent. Still hot and humid (for Austin). I'm ready for cooler weather!

  13. Don't you just hate that when you find someone who does your hair exactly right and they go and move on..seriously I think it's so inconsiderate that they would actually have a life that didn't involve cutting my hair haha! I like the look of the new app you downloaded, very nice effect. I can't believe how long the kitchen is taking, WHY did i think it would be easy!


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