her person susan
 are friends
 lexi and her person judith

 i ran into them last weekend
 on broadway
 the t-mobile shop

they were out walking
 i was schlepping
 home from citarella

 an entlebucher
 a pitt beagle mix
she was happy to pose
 she wasnt overly fond of her collar
trying to scratch her neck
 it took a few attempts
 to get
sitting pretty

 see her leg back there

 she's about to give that collar a good shot with her foot


  1. Yeah, I don't like her collar either. Hey, what do you think about those body harnesses. I'm seeing a lot of dogs in Van wearing those lately. I had a proper harness for my malamutes but the minute they had that on it was a brain signal to pull and so absolutely useless for the city.

  2. Her shape reminds me of our friends' pup that Rowdy and Kasey walked with every day in our old neighborhood. She was more brown than black tho... but shaped the same.. What a sweet pup!

  3. Here in South Carolina she would be a lovely looking Coonhound...were she mine her name would be Ann...Bugle Ann...lovely girl...

  4. George is not jealous of this collar. Cute pooch, though!

  5. SO...tired of me telling you what a fantastic eye you have esp with the canine persuasion? LOVE it! I looked at the picture first and thought what an awful chain/collar and then I read that Maggie wasn't so fond of it...not surprised! and BTW that smile of hers is KILLER! :)

  6. She has such a cute smile! I know why she doesn't like that collar, though. I've never used a chain collar on any of my dogs.


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