half the weekend

is gone
 i made the most of it 

it was exhale spa massage day
 my favorite day of the month
 after which i bussed it back to the westside
 the detour
 caused by the steuben day parade 

did errands 
had friends come by 
we hung out
catching up
my friend j's significant other
 who i call boychick 
hadn't gotten to see/spend time with toonman
 in almost a year
 they share a birthday
 among other things

 the afternoon flew by
 i was glad
 i bought two bottles of wine
 its great
 to spend time 
with people
 you truly like
 isnt it

 how i spent saturday

how did you spend your saturday?


  1. It is nice spending time with friends.

    Today, well lets see, I drove son 36 miles to his riding lessons in Pioneer Woman country, and then back, fed him lunch, drove him to his Improv Comedy workshop. I ran about 5 miles while he did that. Then drove him home. Then, lets see. Then I did a few chores, then Heather and I drove him to a friend's house, then we went to a nice dinner, and then a play, and then picked the kid up and come home!

  2. Sounds like an ideal Saturday. I got up, took the pup on a long walk, then walked back to the zoo to meet son and family. Hadn't been to the zoo in ages..... Then a friend stopped by in the evening while I made veggieburgers and we shared a bottle of wine.

  3. I love this photo, it is such a cool look at your city.
    I got my hair done yesterday. Yay! It was a gorgeous day here with fluffy white clouds on a deep blue sky, breezes, cooler temperatures. Loved it.

  4. Oh gosh, that reminds me, I haven't had friends over since I got back from E. It's so much easier having friends over when Robert and I are in the same country. I'll have to change that next week. (The friend situation, not Robert...lol)

    Yesterday was a glorious, glorious day and I spent it out and about at the beach mostly with my mother and C. Took a photo of two beautiful huskies standing ever so happily in a water feature and thought of you. :)

  5. Sounds perfect! I did a bit of shopping and went to library, but mostly just hung out at home.

  6. What a great way to spend a day.
    Yesterday was about beginning to get the gardens/yards ready for fall/winter.
    Today was about beginning the summer to winter closet migration! :-)

  7. Daryl, glad you had a great day! Hope today is equally enjoyable!

  8. Love reading about your day! Me? A really nice, chilled day :).

  9. A change for me.. I stayed home all day Saturday.
    Did the out and about thing today, even though it
    has been a misty rainy kind of day.
    Now back to work...ugh !

  10. I would like to spend some time with friends! My husband left early for a golf tournament, so I frittered away some time on the computer and then went to an afternoon "country" wedding out in a huge field---I had agreed to take some photos for the young couple. As soon as I got back home 2 hours later, I started editing the images, and I'm doing more of it this Sunday evening!

  11. I had a happy Saturday taking care of Charlie while his mom was at a wedding shower and dad was golfing for the library golf tournament. I think I had the best deal:)


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