water tower

its not wednesday

 its tuesday

 is working
 a new patsy and mickey video
 it will be here tomorrow

we reversed things
 keep you on your toes

on the way out of riverside park sunday
 i looked up
 those two tanks 
atop that building
 on west 79th street 
were new to me
 they've been there for years

come back tomorrow for a terpsichorean treat


  1. I was throw off! But happy there's a film coming up. Lovely buildings and good for you for spotting a new-to-you tower.

  2. At first yes, I thought it must be Wednesday. So . . . something involving dancing then? Veddy interesting.

  3. Strange how it can take years to notice some things. :)

  4. Ah so there are a few still around town that have escaped your lens Daryl..interesting :)

  5. I know exactly what you mean about seeing something 'for the first time'. Happens to me occasionally. I like this photo a lot. It looks a bit sinister, but I mean that in a positive sense. (BTW, do you know what the Theme Day is for September?)

  6. I had to look real hard here!
    So looking forward to another Patsy and Mickey. xo.

  7. I am astounded - more water towers. Which brings me to your header photo. I have wanted to ask you where it was taken or was it 'created'. I love it!

  8. You are the watertower mistress.

    I found a great water tower in South Dakota. Built in 1888. It even has its own geocache. Maybe I'll post about it next week.

  9. I look at the lovely and ugly of the city and even though I feel I am in heaven out here in the middle of no where, I miss the hustlebustle of city life, the rude passersby the cheery little corner shops, the headdownplowforward rush of pedestrian traffic...then decide that that little trip in my head I just took will suffice and go back to being happy in neverneverland


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