this and that

i thoroughly
the comments
sales associate photo

a lot of you 
 about her shoes
 were concerned about her attitude

 it was interesting
 to see 
what you saw

 thats kind
 got me
 sharing photos
 i see
 blogging about it 

may i say thank goodness for auto correct because i seem to be mistyping a lot today 

 i share 
another photo
 from last weekend 
eastside adventure
i want 
 two wonderful books
 i read
 robert ferrigno
 is a favorite author of mine
 he writes involving novels
 with really good characters 
the girl who cried wolf
 is his latest
 after a really good trilogy
 the assassin
 i enjoyed the assassin series
i really like his other books more
 this was a return to that style

 the other read
 was bittersweet 
louise penny's latest and possibly the last
 tho she seems
 to have sort of left the door open for more 
chief inspector gamache of the sûreté du québec series
 how the light gets in
 a beautiful mystery
 did not
 in any way
 end beautifully

 so when i downloaded this new one
 i did something
 i dont often do
 i read
i peeked
 the beginning
 of the last chapter
 i just needed 
to be able 
to read the whole book
 without rushing
 without skimming
 so i could learn what happens
 to one of the central characters

 i must say
 this book
 so well plotted 
even tho i knew what happened
 i didnt know how it came about 
she saves
 all that 
the next to last chapter
 which i didnt look at

 both these
all three of these books 
are wonderful
 i highly recommend them

 here's a photo
 i hope 
sparks the same sort of response 
the last one did

 this is my last fridaycation
 a 4 day weekend
 i promise
 i will get out and take more photos