the one with a long story, there's a dog too

 a lovely day
 moderate temps
 the hotel next door
 power washed
 the street
 in front of their doorway
 just below our building
 the noise 

 toonman and i 
 to take a walk
 by the time 
we returned
 the noise

 we headed
 walking up
 riverside drive 
 the park
 at 83rd street
there was a small playground
 an ice cream cart 
a dog walker

we walked
 along the promenade
 i took lots of photos
 the community gardens 
 big camera 

 we walked
 to the water
 the breezes
 the boats 

really a lovely day
 we got to 72nd street
 we decided
head home
got to climb
to exit the park at 72nd street 

can you see
 at the top
yellow and white 

 a recent addition
 i believe
 it was done
 the last two steps
the distance
 all the other steps

 i dont know why its like that
i do know
 toonman has tripped there
 i have tripped there
 i really took a hard fall

 one minute
 i was stepping up
 the last step
 i was on the ground
 the big camera
my right shoulder
 the iphone
 flew out 
 my left hand
 really stupid 

toonman grabbed the big camera
 afterward he said he didnt know what to do
 he assumed the worst
deciding in a flash
 grab the camera
 i wouldn't see how badly it was damaged

 it wasnt damaged at all

 was the iphone 
 i picked up before he took it from me
 then he dropped

 there was a lot
 oh fuck gaddamn holy crap jeezus

 my thigh was really hurting
 my right arm was hurting
 the palm of my right hand felt raw

 i mention
 my right thigh

 two nice young men
 stopped to see if i was ok
 i said yes
 i was mostly embarrassed
 one of them
 height difference
 that last step and the others

 i said
 i know 
thats why this is so embarrassing 
its not like
i didnt know


 i thanked them for distracting me
 from the pain
 helped me up
  we headed home
 i iced my thigh
i think its going to be 
a lovely shade of purple 
 yellowish green
a few days 

damn steps

oh yeah the power washer was gone
 to west 80 street


  1. Ouch, Daryl, you really must start taking better care of yourself. I think you should join us in Virginia for some serious R&R. Get a doctor's note to get you out of that meeting.
    Scary stuff, though, you and the cameras all flying in different directions, terrifying Toonman and upsetting innocent bystanders. I hope you heal fast. But, if you heal v-e-r-y slowly, there's always beautiful downtown Mathews with sympathy galore.

  2. PS — Nice dogs, and ice cream cart. And you wouldn't get me climbing those stairs for love nor money, as my grandmother used to say.

  3. Oh dear. I took a tumble the other day myself. To tell you the truth, I think we're a little too old to go tumbling about. I remember just flying across the ice in my figure skating days and now I'm a bit reluctant to jump anything more than a single axel. Stairs! I know exactly what you mean. Somehow our brains ignore big yellow banners and expect stairs to be consistent in height. What are we like? I'm so glad you didn't break anything, (I mean bones, let alone camera). Hey, I remember years ago dropping my dad's Leica on the cement at Heathrow where it spun and bounced and did the most amazing aerobatics and came to rest some yards away. After I almost had a heart attack I picked it up and found out that it only had a small dent around the edge of the lens. WOW! Anyway, have a restful weekend and recover, poor banged up girl. :)

  4. MY WIFE took a fall a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps you two are in a cycle of some sort together? If anything else evil befalls her, I'll let you know so you can prepare for it two weeks hence.

    This will sound prurient, but it isn't. You should take a photo of your thigh if it colors up nicely. I'm weird, I know, but I think bruises are fascinating for the odd colors they produce.

  5. Blooming heck Daryl..that's horrible, gives you such a fright too. I live in horror of falling down you don't do it again. Come on, lets have a look at the purple thigh :)

  6. Jeez.... feeling your pain here. I'm so sorry you are hurting and so happy the camera and iPhone are alright. I certainly hope you are taking it a bit easy today and that the shades of blue and green will match your nail polish and fashion for the coming week. I know... that wasn't very nice, but I know what a fashionista you are. :0 Hope you heal quickly!

  7. darn a lovely walk that ends in a fall is horrible...hope you mend quickly! So glad the toonman was with you to catch the camera and phone and to help you up. Just the climb up those steps would be a day's walk for me-
    sending you gentle hugs

  8. Oh Daryl, that sounds nasty!
    I sure hope you're feeling better soon.
    Someone should fix that step!!! xo.

  9. Daryl, I suppose your stiff and sore today. Hope you're taking it easy today. And I hope you feel better soon!

  10. In some ways you were lucky ...
    no broken bones... no broken camera or iphone.
    Have to be thankful for the little things in the
    midst of the greater pain.

    Ice and enough to chill the wine should help.

  11. So that's where you fell. Gasp! How is your leg?

  12. Oh, ow. I have taken similar falls, though not recently. It really is difficult when one stair is just a teeny bit higher....our mind programs us into 'it's x inches high" and then when it's "x+y" inches, we stumble. Glad you three (Ipad, camera, and you) are all okay.

  13. Sounds like a nasty, hard fall! I do hope the bruise isn't too bad?

    I had a miss-step the other day and stepped into a hole that I knew was there! Jammed my back and neck really hard! Boy, I felt it the next day!

  14. OH NOOOOOO!!!! And I would hope Mr. BFR would have tried to save the camera before he saved me. Really. But ouch, ouch, ouch. I'm so glad you're ok -- even if embarrassed and banged up. I hate those power washer things.

  15. Oh man, I'm so sorry that happened to you! I'm glad your camera and phone came through it OK - hope you're mending.


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