stuff, good stuff

you know
 i love stuff
 i love 
 i love sharing 

i came across two products
 i am now in love with
 no one
 is paying me
 to tell you this
 i wish they were

 they are not

 the first
 is for hair
 its part of living proof's line of products
 my fantabulous hair stylist tim rogers 
turned me on to their products
 he actually does get paid by them 
he is one of their spokespersons
 i use their shampoo called frizz 
the label really looks like that
 clever no?

 well it really works 
my hair's frizz free 
they have a new product
 one tim did not turn me onto
 its called
 satin hair serum
 oh my good golly
 is it wonderful?
 it is!
 i got it as free sample
 one of the neat things
 about living proof 
is they ship free
 accept returns free
 give you a free sample
 each time you shop on their website 

 i used the sample this past weekend
 my hair 
smooth and gorgeous

the other wonderful product
is for 
skin care
 i found it via my friend rosemary's blog
she was touting a beauty line
 from freeman
 i needed
 a new sunscreen make up base
 so i tried it 
i love it
 its called
 eclos hydraprimer

 its inexpensive
 it comes with a money back coupon you mail in for a rebate
 i didnt know about the rebate
on top 
 finding a great new product
 i got my money back 

 i want to tout a fabulous book

me before you
by jojo moyes

 i read it
 devoured it
 couldnt put it down

 the after effect is
(thank you bethfishreads for this great expression)
 book hangover
 i cant bring myself to let go of the feelings
 this book stirred
 if you loved
 time traveler's wife
 you will love this
 be prepared for tears 

oh yeah
 i got a survey
 that will lead to jury duty
i am looking forward to 
even tho
 i think
 everyone should serve
 i really have done my share of serving over the years

that is all