salt and pepper

took this last weekend
 on madison avenue

 i took several shots
these two
is my favorite
wanted me to take 

 he looks resigned

 they seemed like such a sweet couple 

i am guessing
they were going to be there a while
 there's a small plastic bowl of water
even tho it was not really hot out


  1. O. M. G. !!!
    I think I need to take the two of them home right now!

  2. Cute - and works well in black and white.

  3. Aren't they cute? Made especially for black and white photos.
    See you soon.

  4. I always wondered how these little guys feel when they get tethered up somewhere and a bowl gets plunked down and then the owner leaves them. They must be feeling lovely and a little worried about the unfamiliar and the traffic and the noise. Maybe city dogs are used to it. They are cute little guys though. Totally mushable. :)

  5. Do people just leave their dogs tied on the street like that while they're inside? I would be concerned someone would take them.

  6. I recognise thar resigned look :)) they're tres adorable Daryl..


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