really a lot of blather with some digression

so the weekend winds down
 i will be feeding the cats
 harry begins his whining cry 
earlier and earlier
 each evening

when we took jack to the vet for his yearly exam
 i asked
 if he'd ever done any vocal chord removals
 he hadn't
 he also said he doubted i really meant it 

 i love my long weekends
 i wish i could have them all year 'round
 i am sad summer is coming to a close 
at least on the calendar 

i know the weather wont be unsummery
 for another month or more
 will make
 all the sadder

after the cats are fed 
i will be indulging in some sushi

 after beautifying
 bought another bottle
of the delightful
 a french malbec

 did you know
 malbec grapes originated in france
 they did

 apparently some sort of rot affected the vineyards
 some french growers 
moved to argentina
 where the climate and hilly region
 was perfect for the grapes
 i learned this from the very nice wine shop salesperson 
i like knowing things like this
 not only do they fill a blog
 they serve as clever repartee 
 i ever be invited

 getting back to my point
 what was it
ah yes
i beautified
 i went to the wine shop
 i went to planet sushi
 take out for dinner
 i am looking forward to it
 to watching some catch up
 pre recorded television

 last nite
 we watched 
case histories
 re-run on bbca

 case histories 
 kate atkinson
 who i adore

 the made for bbc series 
was quite faithful to the book
 one exception
 one modification

 edinburgh in all its glory was exchanged for cambridge
 louise showed up in a full book before she was due

 i am not upset or disappointed by either

 if you've not read
case histories 
you should
 started early took my dog
 when will there be good news

 all 3 feature jackson brodie
 played in the tv series
 by the extremely excellent jason isaacs
 he starred in the short-lived 2011 cbs tv series awake
 doing an amazingly good american accent
(if you have time warner, you no longer have cbs but that a whole other post)

moving right along 

i also ran
 those wonderful dogs
 steve mcqueen and ali macgraw

 remember them?
 ali was ill 
but she's better now
 looking quite fit
 as did their person
 whose name 
i keep forgetting to ask 

this weekend
we also went for a walk
riverside park
 the big camera
 a shot 
 you sat through all that blather

not signed i really want harry to shut up and i really want my sushi