if you get hungry
 in the columbus circle area
 you have a lot of options
three food carts
upper level
 upper scale restaurants
the time warner center
 as well as
whole foods
on the lower level
 where you can shop and eat

  last friday
i went for blood work
at Roosevelt Hospital 
'just around the corner'
my cholesterol was tested and its normal 
i took this photo 
 didnt stop to sample

only 3 more fridaycations


  1. I'm sure I couldn't handle a chili dog, but if those juices advertised in the pictures are as good as they look, I'd certainly enjoy one.

  2. Now I want a dog!

    "Despise not any man, and do not spurn anything; for there is no man who has not his hour, nor is there anything that has not its place." Ben Azai

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  3. Well, well, well, you just stay away from those food carts and your cholesterol well continue to stay low.

    I love my every other Fridacation year round. Lots of people at work now come in and work for a half a day on the theirs and I'm feeling the pressure but I don't do it. When school starts that is when the real fun begins. We shove junior out the door to school and then go have breakfast and then go enjoy the day together.

  4. I think those carts need a few more signs..just a few...

  5. I may be in this area tomorrow and if so I am hitting the Ferrara stand near the park for a cannoli. I am so due!! Have a fabulous weekend!!


  6. the chili dog would have been mine...

  7. Glad to hear your cholesterol level is normal. x

  8. Really awesome photo! And how I love street foods, but they do play havoc with cholesterol, don't they? Better to just go home and eat my darn salad.

  9. Oh I could go for one of those chili dogs right NOW!

  10. Daryl, what a great colourful shot! Glad your cholesterol is fine. I think mines probably a bit high.
    Middle of the month already. Where does the time go!
    Hope you have a good day today and a great weekend!

  11. Great capture! Glad your cholesterol is good! I have given WAYYYYYY too much blood this summer...too many tests!

  12. That's why your cholesterol is good don't stop :)

  13. Fridaycations pass all too quickly.
    So does summer.
    Glad I don't live really close to a Whole Foods.
    Too many goodies.

  14. Those carts would be awfully tempting. We just got a Whole Foods in town recently - love that place.


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