another friday

i am happy to say 
i will be sleeping past 5:30 a.m. 
i will be limiting the food intake
 after a week
 over eating
pushed the scale
 to numbers

 i will be
likely not by cab
by foot
 to the lab
 to have blood work done
 to check my cholesterol


what will you be doing?


  1. Girls night at the neighborhood gay bar. Really.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    1. Yes. blog-invisible husband knows I'm going :)

  2. Good for you to check your weight and take care of yourself! Robert is better than I am; he weighs himself every day. (I absolutely hate to, but should) And then, if he's up a pound or two, he knocks it down immediately. One good thing about that is that I can tell I gain 2-3 pounds for no reason at all when I get PMS and so don't worry about that. But overall it's a really good system. (Except that we have this very vintage scale here with counter balance weights which weighs in stones and one needs a math degree to figure that out in pounds, and especially if one is Canadian and tends to think in metric and not Chloe told me yesterday that we're both on our gynecologist most wanted list. She's my (doctor)mother's best friend and there's no getting away form her. So I guess I've got blood work coming up in Sept when I get back to Van. Good luck with the blood work and remember to treat yourself like a poor baby after and have some nice apple juice or a cookie or a chai tea latte...mmm, I'm 10 miles away form the nearest Sbux, so unfair. :)

  3. We are preparing for out of town old friends to visit us today, so dusting the house and cleaning toilets is what I am doing... I would rather be getting a blood check done. :)

  4. That ad cracks me up - I mean, is there really anything gentlemanly about watching flashdancers?
    & I hope your labwork is as painless as possible Daryl!
    I am working today and then I will be looking for more work & then cleaning & weeding. I know, SO exciting.
    have a great weekend Daryl.
    ; )

  5. Good for you! I hope all is well. I'll be watching the calories too; I have three new pounds and no idea where they came from. Well. Almost no idea.

    Hubby is leaving for a week-long trip. I'm thinking it's a great time to tear apart the bedroom closet. Garbage bags and paint may be involved.

  6. nothing exciting I hope, hubby has been sick again and is slowly getting better. We will have a quiet weekend. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Daryl, hope your Fridaycation is going well! And hope your weekend is great.
    I suspect we'll be sticking close to home as we don't tend to wander on Weekends. Way to busy!
    We have an Air Show going on just down the road from us so there's all manner of jets roaring around!

  8. That 'to do' list :). I had my check last month. Need to make a slight adjustment to my diet...cookies are my weakness. Wonderful photo, Daryl.

  9. If this rain ever stops (5 inches overnight!), it will be good just to get outside.
    Disgustingly humid here right now though.
    Hope you had a good Fridaycation. xo.

  10. Worked til 1, took my nice knee ice pack to a friend who needed to borrow it, came home and watched Jerry Senifeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee while it thundered and rained outside. The dog is hiding.

  11. i'll be finishing quarantine then going out to have a giant eclair in celebration of the end of quarantine and the end of low-iodine eating. wheeee

  12. I will be doing as little as possible...over and over again.

  13. We had a "sinful" dinner last night of poppers, chicken wings, beer, and even peach crisp for dessert. It was a lovely evening on the deck. But it's vegetarian and salads for the next few days to compensate

  14. I like the sound of the shampoo and conditioner a lot Daryl, will have to check it out, my hair tends to 'curl' especially in humid weather. What a coincidence..Aimee just got a letter to say she's up for jury duty also..I agree if its possible you should do it, I did and found it really interesting, mind you it wasn't anything nasty, but it was drug related.

  15. After my house guests left, I did a quick tidy and then went shopping with the hubby to purchase a vintage chair that I fell in love with!


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