boy, she does a lot of reading

i am a compulsive book buyer
 i read
 every saturday
 the sunday ny times book review
 i read
 almost daily
 once a week 
i try to read my friend caite's book review on her blog
 they always lead me to 
where i buy books
 buy candy
 my book sweet tooth

i buy one 
that isnt as tasty
 that happened 
with a series
 i used to love
 jeffery deaver's lincoln rhymes novels
 the latest one
 i downloaded
the killroom
  was a stinker
the writing defied reading 
its hard not laugh 
a villian is 
 'damn, the man could give donald sutherland a run for his money
 in the distinguished older power-broker role.' 


 i read on a little further
when he began to describe
 in minute detail
 how his killer was going to prepare his dinner 
i archived it 
you've lost me deaver

 what did i read instead? 

an new addition to a much better series by michael connelly
  the fifth witness
better written
i anticipated the twist at the end
 i dont think it was a fault of the writing
 so much
my natural skepticism

 that was a quick read
 so i moved on
 to a young adult series
wolves of mercy falls
 by maggie stiefvater
 about werewolves
 it was really good
 but also quick reading

 i recommend it for young adults and us older adults
 a good read is a good read 

another semi disappointment
 elizabeth george's 
foray into young adult writing
 i wish she'd relied on her usually good dialog
 not exactly
 dumbing down or talking down
 definitely lacking
her usual strong narrative
 she writes the Detective Lynley novels i adore 
  the edge of nowhere
wasnt bad
 i will tell you this
 she leaves off in the middle of a plot advancement 
i assume
she or her editor 
thought it would be a way to get the reader to buy the next book 

i am not sure 
i will 
i thought it was a cheap trick 

my next book

 i know
 its insane 
how much i read
 i will let you in on a secret
 promise not to tell?
 its been dead quiet at the office this summer
 #1 boss has been traveling a great deal
 #2 boss is terribly self sufficient 
so aside from making sure the office doesnt implode
 i have a lot of time on my hands
i have been reading at my desk

 i digressed

next i read
  night circus
(erin morgenstern)
 a book
 i originally bought in paperback
 looked at and decided it wasn't my cuppa 
i gave it to a friend
 who couldnt believe i didnt want to read it 

i not long ago downloaded it to my nook app on my ipad 
where i do all my reading
 loved it

 such an amazing involving plot 
such a visual book
i could picture all the scenes so clearly
 i think this will be a book
 i re-read sometime down the road
 if you've not read it, 

 i dont go on about books very often,
i enjoy a read and say so
 i dont gush
night circus
is a gusher 

 next up
  the art forger
a good read
 (b.a. shapiro) 
 even with all the twists and turns 
i didnt love it
 i liked it enough to recommend
 so thats something

 i stumbled onto a series set in medieval england
 priscilla royal's
 (i am betting thats a pseudonym) 
medieval series 
set in the time of henry iii
 in a convent/abby
 its very good
 terrific period detail
 a well plotted mystery
 the first book
  wine of violence
was good
 enough to get me to buy the next book

just started another but i think i may have over done it for one post
here's a photo
 i took saturday
walking in the park with toonman
stretching out my aching thigh muscle