blue moon? ha!

 there was a blue moon last night
 the next one is in 2015
 i should live so long
 i wont
 try and capture it

 last night at 10ish
 i said to toonman
 should i go up to the roof and see if i can get a shot of the blue moon

 he laughed
 he didnt really laugh
 he did
 quasi smart ass-y
 i have blocked it from memory

 i did say
 as i walked out the door
 i am only taking my iPhone

in paris
 i got amazing shots
 at night
 of both the eiffel tower and an almost full moon


up to the roof
i went
 i stepped out
 looking up
 what a surprise

chartreuse moon


  1. LOL! We are getting older :-)
    I (who drove taxi in this town over night for years) was out the other evening and it was like a fairy land of enchantment. What can I say? We ran around enough and love being at home every night . . . .

    ALOHA, Friend
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. I don't believe you. I think you will too go back up there. it may be a year from now, but something will entice you.
    besides, I LOVE this photo, definitely worth the effort!

  3. It's a good one! You know, sometimes I love to read back thru my blog posts because it's such a nice history of what we've done and laughs or bad times (which are over with and handled now) and it's so comforting. Just do what ever you want to blue moon or no blue moon. :)

  4. Hey it is still a good pic and we get the sense of a blue moon up there. I mean you did point it in the right direction right?

  5. I really like this!
    Really mysterious.
    I'll bet you'll go back! :-)

  6. I heard about this after the fact. Some folks had shots on instagram of it. I like this photo anyhow, moon or no moon
    NYC buildings are always oh so cool!!


  7. I imagine there is a nice full blue moon right behind those mysterious clouds - a much more interesting photo imho! This was worth the walk up!

  8. Shame you didn't get the moon but I like the shot nevertheless. :)

  9. What deborah said. It was a non-event here. I saw it and was underwhelmed, but maybe I just need glasses. Or wine.

  10. Well, you have to admit it's still a pretty neat photo. I like it even without the moon. xox

  11. The moon has been lovely this past week.. and I haven't attempted a single shot. I'm missing being up at the new place where I can see it over water.

  12. Haha! This is a familiar tale Daryl, clouds are the bane of the perfect moon shot :)

  13. I really like this photo though! Much more character than a full moon:)


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