what a lovely weekend, heat aside

it really was
 a lovely long weekend
 hot and humid

 the office closed on wednesday at noon
 for a 3 day holiday

 toonman works from home 
so he didnt have to give himself a holiday
 a old good friend of ours stopped by on wednesday
 not expecting me to be there
 i always explain our relationship
 'he was toonman's roommate before i was' 

so there was lots of good catch time
 lots of reminiscing
before he had to head off to connecticut to his lady's house
 he didnt stay
 turkey meatball angel hair pasta dinner
 i made
 i also made a big mess
toonman does the cooking
i left the rest of the weekend's meals to him

 the fourth 
was brutally hot
 i spent almost all day
 on the couch
 the stand
 one of my favorite re-reads

 do you re-read books
 you enjoy?

 i do

 the stand
(the unabridged version)
 is the one 
i have re-read the most

 i always start it on july 4th
that was the date 
i initially began reading it 

i dont re-read it every year 
its always a long time between readings
 its a long book

 that's how i spent a lot of this past holiday
 sleeping until 8:30 every morning
 what a treat thats been

 i am sure going to have a tough time 
 monday morning

we watched
a good day to die hard
a lot of fun
bruce willis 

john mctiernan
 a friend of toonman's 
directed the first die hard
 we're fans of the series

we also watched the macy's fireworks on tv
we are such couch potatoes

aside from that 
 a brunch with my friend cheryl
 some retail therapy
rounded out my time at home

right here 
 the street

how did you spend the 4th?


  1. I don't reread all books, but there are a few I return to again and again. These days though my kindle is so overstuffed with books waiting to be read that I'm not doing much (any) rereading.

    The 4th wasn't a holiday here of course, so just the usual weekend errands, pool, etc.

    Your dinner sounds yummy.

  2. Hey, nicely done. :) I have to tell you about how guilty I am. I re-read all my Discworld Terry Pratchetts. Love, LOVE them and can't get enough of them. Actually, I tend to write V and the date on the front page to keep track of my re-reads. I also re-read Agatha Christies and many of my poetry books especially Carol Ann Duffy. Other books might be occasional re-reads but I can't think of any right now. Oh, wait, Nick Bantock and his art books especially Griffin and Sabine, and especially when I need inspiration.
    I also have to tell you a funny story. I forgot to bring my headphones to Calgary plus they cost $5 and the flight's only 2 hours and I'm cheap. Anyway, I watched that die hard film after reading the intro and I completely got it! The Russian was subtitled, there was a mushy meaningful scene or two between John and his son, and then the rest was action with lots of shoot 'em up, blow 'em up stuff and the bad guy gets it in the end. Easiest modern day silent film ever. :)

  3. Your street is lovely. We spent all weekend at home, although I went out to ride my horse 4 mornings in a row because our heat wave broke and it was so nice. We went out for Mexican food Saturday night. That's about it, and that's okay.

  4. Your 4th sounds super. Love reading all about it. Wish I could say there were fireworks, a parade and a picnic or two here...but hey...this is England. So I put up the flag, had hamburgers and generally had a pretty nice day :).

  5. you are a fine example of a life well lived Daryl! I loved The Stand & now I am thinking I should re-read it too.
    & yes, I have re-read books, Peace Like a River & The World According to Garp.
    ; )
    & such a lovely street you live on too.
    the 4th here was a quiet morning at the beach, barbecue w/ family then inside to console Priscilla who doesn't care much for fireworks. it sounded like a war zone in my neighborhood.

  6. I was off the 4th...BBQ with that poke cake I posted about Saturday..but I had to work all weekend.
    As to re-reads...there are just so many books I want to read the first time. Can I spare the time?

  7. We host a BBQ here and watch fireworks from the yard. I reread the entire Lord of the Rings (plus Hobbit) every 5 years or so. I read it the first time in in 1965 or 1966.

  8. M-o-o-n spells Moon. I may reread it although I'll have to get another copy. I don't keep books anymore.

    I've read Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon a few times and Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain a few times also. I'll probably read both those again and I'm thinking about reading the first of the Harry Potter Books again as well.

    We watched fireworks at a local park on the 4th. Loved them. We've figured in a fast way in and out.

  9. Daryl, glad to hear you had a great long weekend! We had a nice quite weekend here at home. We don't seem to get about much anymore. But that's great too! Nice to not fight the traffic. Our weather was wonderful. About 75 degrees all weekend. Very livable!
    I recently re-read The Stand. Or it was the first time I read it. I'm told i read it before, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it's a great book. But I love almost everything King has written!
    Hope your 05:30 was too much of a shock!

  10. It sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    We had a quiet 4th, and like you, spent much of it inside.
    It's been really hot here. I don't mind the heat, but the humidity gets to me after a while.
    Fortunately it's much more bearable today. :-)

  11. Love that last picture, sounds like you did have a great weekend. I miss sleeping until 8:30 too, that's what I did most of last week.

    Unrelated, Son and Daughter are taking a Greyhound from Richmond to NY Wednesday of this week to visit with their grandparents (in New Jersey). Son said he might text or call you for eating/food/restaurant recommendations since you know the best places to go. Yes, my two are taking a bus to New York by themselves. Serenity now...but they will have a great time.

  12. Your weekend sounds like it was FAB! I also have to say whether this is really your street or not, I am IN LOVE with it! BEAUTIFUL! Hope you're staying cool!

  13. The dedelstein speed bump sign! Your street looks beautiful . . . and I had such a crush on Stu Redman (was that his name?) I'm pretty sure it was. Larry, Stu, Frannie, Larry's escape from New York! OMG, I love that book and have always meant to visit Ogunquit where Frannie's story begins ~

  14. I was in St. Cyr-Lapopie, France, on the Fourth and totally forgot about it. I'm now in Paris, but leaving on the 13th, so won't see the Bastille Day festivities, but no matter. I saw lots when I lived here. --Yes, I reread books I like. In fact, all my books on my shelves are rereadables, since I give away the others I care for less. I still haven't read the other Stephen King one you mentioned a while back, his newest, but will....got a big backlog. And a backlog of photos to edit....oh....

  15. I must admit I don't often re read book, and there's very few movies I'll watch twice..I do agree with you re Bruce Willis, aging very well indeed, lack of hair these days it seems makes men sexier, go figure :) Sounds to me like you had a brilliant weekend, sleep ins, friends, lunch, beautification in between much couch potatoing...'singing'...who could ask for anything more :)

  16. p.s. I forgot to mention, I spent the weekend bottom up in the garden :))

  17. ...saw fireworks driving to cineplex to see "WWZ"...left Charlie w/Ms. Cookie (neighbor) cause the firecrackers/fireworks noise in the neighborhood drive him crazy! Re-watch fav. movies & passages in non-fiction....rarely read fiction longer than "New Yorker" pieces. I make turkey meatballs too - YUM!

  18. What a great weekend you had! Oh I love your street! We spent the weekend socialising with friends. :)

  19. I do re-read books I love & I have several. One of my most often re-reads is Gone With The Wind. I read that one every year. I spent the holiday weekend getting older (as you know - thank you for thinking of me) & also packing to move (will fill you in soon). As you also know, I just love your street & spent much time walking up & down it before I ever knew you. Life's little quirks like that make me smile. Chat soon...xxoo
    p.s. I'm a HUGE Die Hard fan...Yippe-ki-yay, mothe...I'll stop there. :)

  20. My husband re-reads books and has probably read all of the Stephen King novels 3 or 4 times each. Once I read a book it's pretty much done, finito and kaput!


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