what a lovely weekend, heat aside

it really was
 a lovely long weekend
 hot and humid

 the office closed on wednesday at noon
 for a 3 day holiday

 toonman works from home 
so he didnt have to give himself a holiday
 a old good friend of ours stopped by on wednesday
 not expecting me to be there
 i always explain our relationship
 'he was toonman's roommate before i was' 

so there was lots of good catch time
 lots of reminiscing
before he had to head off to connecticut to his lady's house
 he didnt stay
 turkey meatball angel hair pasta dinner
 i made
 i also made a big mess
toonman does the cooking
i left the rest of the weekend's meals to him

 the fourth 
was brutally hot
 i spent almost all day
 on the couch
 the stand
 one of my favorite re-reads

 do you re-read books
 you enjoy?

 i do

 the stand
(the unabridged version)
 is the one 
i have re-read the most

 i always start it on july 4th
that was the date 
i initially began reading it 

i dont re-read it every year 
its always a long time between readings
 its a long book

 that's how i spent a lot of this past holiday
 sleeping until 8:30 every morning
 what a treat thats been

 i am sure going to have a tough time 
 monday morning

we watched
a good day to die hard
a lot of fun
bruce willis 

john mctiernan
 a friend of toonman's 
directed the first die hard
 we're fans of the series

we also watched the macy's fireworks on tv
we are such couch potatoes

aside from that 
 a brunch with my friend cheryl
 some retail therapy
rounded out my time at home

right here 
 the street

how did you spend the 4th?