weekend blather

as i write this
 the heat is ramping up

i did some errands
 boredom drove me to take a walk 
even tho it was soupy muggy looking like rain

 i discovered theodore roosevelt park
 which is sort of behind the museum of natural history
 has an extension
 that dog legs
(which is funny not ha ha but ironic cause it contains a dog run)

a small plaza with umbrella tables

 a green 'lawn'
 with pathetic sort of sprays of water

 i am thinking the water pressure was low 
it really is a sad thing

 its just behind the rose planetarium

after that bit of a wander
 i headed home

 began a new book
 first in a trilogy
 what is it with me and books about forms of the apocalypse?
 this series
justin cronin
 passage trilogy
 so far
 its really good
in between
  the stand
 toonman asked if it ended differently this time
 ha ha
 i read the latest elly griffiths book
 about bone archeologist ruth galloway 

 i think i am done with them 
 they're becoming very predictable

 (actually today tho you're reading this tomorrow your today) 

 nouveau red 
a sort of dusky red orange
but i like it

then hair 
which needs a shaping badly
 i am now officially
 over wanting it short
 i am liking it longer 
i am so fickle 

what else?
 oh yes
i watched via netflix dvd
 paris j'taime
 it had subtitles
 i hate subtitles
 it was mostly so charming
 i enjoyed it anyway
 my favorite vignettes 
 quartier latin: gena rowlands/ben gazzara
14e arrondissement: margo martindale
pigalle: bob hoskins/fanny ardant

 i wished those had been longer
 i want to know more about those characters
 i recommend it to anyone who loves paris
you've been there

so what were you up to this weekend?

none of the photos are signed, i was too lazy