weekend blather

as i write this
 the heat is ramping up

i did some errands
 boredom drove me to take a walk 
even tho it was soupy muggy looking like rain

 i discovered theodore roosevelt park
 which is sort of behind the museum of natural history
 has an extension
 that dog legs
(which is funny not ha ha but ironic cause it contains a dog run)

a small plaza with umbrella tables

 a green 'lawn'
 with pathetic sort of sprays of water

 i am thinking the water pressure was low 
it really is a sad thing

 its just behind the rose planetarium

after that bit of a wander
 i headed home

 began a new book
 first in a trilogy
 what is it with me and books about forms of the apocalypse?
 this series
justin cronin
 passage trilogy
 so far
 its really good
in between
  the stand
 toonman asked if it ended differently this time
 ha ha
 i read the latest elly griffiths book
 about bone archeologist ruth galloway 

 i think i am done with them 
 they're becoming very predictable

 (actually today tho you're reading this tomorrow your today) 

 nouveau red 
a sort of dusky red orange
but i like it

then hair 
which needs a shaping badly
 i am now officially
 over wanting it short
 i am liking it longer 
i am so fickle 

what else?
 oh yes
i watched via netflix dvd
 paris j'taime
 it had subtitles
 i hate subtitles
 it was mostly so charming
 i enjoyed it anyway
 my favorite vignettes 
 quartier latin: gena rowlands/ben gazzara
14e arrondissement: margo martindale
pigalle: bob hoskins/fanny ardant

 i wished those had been longer
 i want to know more about those characters
 i recommend it to anyone who loves paris
you've been there

so what were you up to this weekend?

none of the photos are signed, i was too lazy


  1. Other then the steamy weather, it sounds like you had a nice weekend. And I love the nail polish color.

    Our weekend was easy-- We saw the movie Still Minds which was stunning and heart-felt about an aging couple. I'm working on a quilt for my mom and I did a mountain of ironing! (Yawn). But all in all, it was nice.

    Have a great week! jj

  2. Oh I was in the neighborhood when Rose opened. So cool lit up!

    Did my own nails Essie Butler Please (blue).

    Also got a new tat! Come to think of it, the one before that was like feb 2000 down on Ludlow street at Daredevil tattoo. Dinner (as visiting scholar) at Columbia Faculty club (hoity toity!). Also saw Rent late I know.....
    See, NYC is my Paris! Mon Ami, Daryl :-)

    Well, you did ask!


  3. Soupy muggy sounds oh so unpleasant! But everything else sounds quite nice :)

  4. This made me smile...after 25 days of rain its good to know we aren't the only ones in the soup...and tomorrow its mani/pedi day, I long for it, my feet are all abuzz to climb in the bubbling tub...you make me smile...

  5. We are having a heatwave here, it's gorgeous! I like the nail colour, mine are green at the moment. My weekend was spent looking after two of the grandchildren on Friday night and taking them to the park on Saturday morning. Then my brothers visited us Saturday afternoon along with our youngest son and another two grandchildren. Down to the pub on Saturday evening with friends. Sunday I cooked a traditional roast for us, MIL, youngest son and his two boys.

  6. I loved that movie too Daryl, I don't mind subtitles. You sure are getting through the books these days, are they book books or kindle books? I did a fair bit of walking this weekend, on Saturday with Aimee and Sunday with Pat, about time, I've been a slug lately haha!

  7. Between toothaches I looked for next showing of 'Major Crimes' and found it. So excited - thanks for mentioning it.) Repeats of Series 1 start in England on the 28th on Universal Channel. I can't wait. Oh, I did a lot more but, hey, nothing to compare with your weekend. Loved reading about it, Daryl!

  8. Daryl, glad you had a great weekend. Now get to work, he he he!!
    Things were pretty quiet around here. We tend to stay pretty close to home on weekends. It's much busier out there on the weekend and we find it easier to get things done during the week when all the poor working classes aren't in the way! Not saying it isn't busy during the week too! But usually not as!

  9. I had to work, but I had some awesome customers, so it wasn't too bad. And my oldest and his bride came for an overnight visit (with the grandpuppy)so that made it really special! I love that red polish color!

  10. The beautification sounds wonderful--and cool.

    Daughter texted today that it was "beastly hot" there. They wer ein the city for 8 hours, loving every minute of it but for the heat.

  11. I love that color red. & I like apocalypse themed books & movies too! I think it's the fun of seeing good triumph over evil.
    also loving your bird's eye view of the TR park.

  12. Nice little park,
    I don't mind subtitles. I am not even aware of seeing them after a while. Of course back when I used to go to the Opera I hated it when they had subtitles. Who needs a subtitles at an opera? I mean if they guy gets run through with a sword then he is about to die, right?

    What did we do this weekend. We took a gut busting drive down to Texas and back to pick the kid up from Summer Camp.

  13. Let me know how you do on The Passage. I got to page 200 and put it down for some reason (busy with work??) and never picked it back up.

  14. Always fun to find new nooks and crannies in your part of the world!

    The weekend was spent with friends and family....summer weekends never seem to be my own as there are so many summer birthdays and special events. I'm not complaining tho:)

    I'm in between books at the moment and will be choosing from a stash of unread books here in the house....something light I think.

  15. I avoid the not-so-great outdoors when it's this hot, so the weekend was spent puttering around the house. I'm content to read about your walkabout and adventures, thanks!

  16. It sounds like it was a good weekend for you.
    I actually like that color (nail polish) for summer.
    Neat blend of red/orange. xo.


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