times square in the morning

i love
 the early morning
 i dont love 
waking at the crack of dawn
 i do love the morning light
 times square
a rainy night
 the city is rushing
 its a great time to be out
 with a camera or camera phone 

i never noticed those water towers before
 right up there
 just in front of google headquarters 


  1. My favorite time is early morning, just as the sun comes up...which is in direct conflict with my love of sleeping in. Sigh. This is a gorgeous photo! I'm glad you can still find new water towers!

  2. I don't know about Google headquarters but I do see dedelstein towers.

  3. I don't do mornings but glad you did. Blue skies for you, gray ones here still. We're about to float away.

  4. What is that directly above the Madame Tussaud sign? Looks somewhat like Kermit's head.

  5. What a comparison between that sky and busy Times Square. I wonder if there is a New York City register of water towers? Wonder how many there are.

  6. Love the colour values in the sky scraper's windows Daryl! Also, Robert asked me about the water towers. Are they still in use? Make the most of the cool mornings you poor roasting girl. How's hubby? Is he feeling better?

  7. Daryl, great shot! I love the perspective, the buildings against that wonderful sky!

  8. I got up the other day at 5 a.m. to drive my son-in-law to the airport.Didn't take my camera, but the light was indeed good.... On the 9th I'll do the same with my daughter and grandson...maybe I'll lug the biggie or take my tiny one... I agree with you about early morning light after a rain. You feel like a place is just all yours then.

  9. I love early mornings too...the world seems washed clean of the shards of dirt and grief from the day before...love the photo

  10. I agree about mornings, the waking up part and the light part. Great shot.

  11. the early bird catches the worm & you certainly did! the light is beautiful.

  12. Well spotted Daryl..Times Square must be quite a sight early morning..or any time!

  13. Morning light is magical!

    And the towers are tucked away...almost hidden in plain sight.


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