this old tree
 during hurricane sandy
 was left where it fell
theodore roosevelt park
 on the upper westside 

the park which i visited last weekend
 has entrances 
on columbus avenue and on west 81st street

  its fridaycation for me 
so i slept in
will either spend the day hanging out
 either at home avoiding the still stiffling heat
 doing errands

 i am feeling very lazy


  1. I wasted day one of my time off.....
    more than lazy

    Stay hydrated !!

  2. A tree like that fell down in Vancouver's Stanley Park during a freak wind storm which decimated the park and it started to green up again in the spring. It became a sort of tree of home for a while. (But then it died) :( We've had beautiful sunny and much too hot weather here in England...but then...this is England, where the sun hardly ever shines for more that two days together so everyone is just shutting up! :)

  3. Be lazy! Stay in the cool and read. :))

  4. We've had a occasion to drive through the areas near Oklahoma City that had the tornadoes go through. Lots of cleanup still being done by the shredded up trees are being left alone for now.

  5. I hate to see the loss of an old tree, but it looks pretty in the park in a new kinda way.

    Lazy can be just what you need, especially in the heat and humidity you have had this week. Hydrate!

  6. sad old tree..but obviously it had problems before, the top cut back like that. still sad...

  7. I think it's a tribute to this tree's life that it's been left here.

  8. Love that old tree. Hope they just let it stay.
    Stay cool!

  9. Daryl, what a shame to loose a big old tree like that! After many years of struggle growing up in the city, it finally gave up the ghost! Hope they leave it there, so it will return to the earth!

  10. Happy Fridaycation Daryl!! Hope the day was a good (lazy) one! I have to say this tree is absolutely beautiful! It's so very sad to have it come down but so hauntingly beautiful...

  11. I like this photo. There's just something about it. I think it's great that you get Fridaycations, and that you named it that to begin with.

  12. I agree with Kate, there is something about this photo that pulls me in! Lovely, mysterious shot!

    I'm jealous of your Fridaycations! Enjoy!

  13. i have to laugh. only in the city would a fallen tree last that long. around here it would be cut up and carted off for firewood!


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