pug alert

this fellow
 busy watching something
 one of the sparrows 
that come over from the lovely park 
that is 
place des vosges

 this cafe 
the name of which escapes me
 is where i had a lovely cappuccino
 took photos of 
many of the interesting diners

the sidewalk cafes
 here in new york
are charming
 have interesting views
 dont permit dogs!


  1. They do in Austin! He's a cutie!

  2. Pug cutie!
    Mirrors 'plug ugly' in a sweet way...


  3. That is interesting Daryl...I would have thought that NYC would have been a little bit more dog friendly. I know that in places down south they are VERY friendly to canines! Key West, South Beach, Pawley's Island...they've all been great with the girlz. Most of the places have water bowls set out. I think it also helps if your dogs are well behaved!!

  4. I don't think dogs (apart from guide dogs) should be allowed in cafes and restaurants, but with so many pavement cafes now that really should be a problem should it?

  5. Awww, looks like he's waiting very patiently.
    I think it's sad that they are not allowed at outside cafes.
    I do think however, they should not allow screaming kids having tantrums. :-)

  6. so sweet! & I like the expression you caught on this man's face.

  7. Fantastic as always! I love the "eye" you have. I am also surprised that dogs aren't allowed at outdoor cafes in NYC-I would think it would be a place that would embrace that.
    So glad you had finally gotten to make your Paris trip!

  8. Well then, I guess that I'll have to take my dogs to Paris. I don't know about Oklahoma. They allow guns I know but not dogs. Something is wrong there I think. Dogs are a lot less bother than guns.

  9. Absolutely love that pug picture! It should be framed for sure:)

    I didn't realize that dogs weren't allowed at outdoor cafes in NYC....just doesn't seem right to me. I don't know what the law is in Providence to tell you the truth...

  10. A well behaved dog should be welcome anywhere, I think.


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