on the street

i tried
 this up 
 the moodiness of the early morning 
 42nd street is a canyon of sorts 
those clouds seem to be pressing down
in a way they are
its been hot humid with periods of heavy rain
can you feel it?


  1. I can feel it, I call those kind of shots skyslivers.

  2. The first thing I thought of, even before I read your comment Daryl, is: wow, those same clouds that press down on you press down on me! I like that thought, you know, that we're not so far apart. The second thing I thought of is: how is it that there are blacked out windows in that blue skyscraper on the right? Are they deep set, balconies maybe? Is it an optical illusion by the angle, the light? Totally cool. :)

  3. oh, this is by far one of my fav photos of yours!! truly wonderful! xo

  4. Oh, I'm so happy we're back to our NE Oregon summer....85-90 during the daytime and 50's at night! Humidity is back down to the 30's, too.

  5. Oh yes! I know that feeling well Daryl, it's no fun being in the city when it's hot in the city, hot in the city tonight..ooops sorry I came over all Billy Idol :)

  6. SO humid here too... & you have captured the feeling well.

  7. One word...oppressive...and the photo says it.

  8. I can! Wow. Love the reflections too.

  9. Daryl, great canyons of man! Great shot!

  10. Indeed I can. All the way upstate!! :-)
    That sky is amazing!

  11. This is so different from your street, it's amazing.

  12. A stunning shot that looks perfect as it is.


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